Fox News Host Loses Control, Says Biden Is ‘President In Name Only’

A new report confirms what many of us have suspected about Joe Biden since his arrival in the White House: that he is a puppet in charge.

According to Fox News, Biden is not running activities in the White House and is the “president in name only” because of the rampant left-wing agenda he has championed.

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“Our Commander in Chief’s capability is a critical public issue. It’s not just this blunder; he seems to lose track of where he is and what he’s doing on a daily basis. He stutters and mumbles,” Hilton explained.

“At the very least, he doesn’t seem to have the energy to do the job. But, more seriously, looking at the agenda being pursued reveals that Joe Biden is president only in name. He campaigned on a clear centrist platform. He said, “Look, I’m Joe Biden, and you’re familiar with my name.” I’m not going to do any of this left-wing nonsense. What do we have, though? We have an agenda that is entirely driven by the Democratic Party’s power structures. He stated, “Which is very clear.”

“Government unions, the woke left, and, of course, the permanent bureaucracy are pushing for things like the Iran deal to be reinstated. He isn’t in charge, which is why there’s such a big puke problem.

It didn’t take Biden falling three times on the steps of Air Force One on Friday for Hilton to recognize Biden’s divisive nature.

Hilton, who worked as an aide to former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, wrote an op-ed in January accusing Biden of quickly pressing a divisive agenda after taking office.

“Instead of working to bring the country together, Biden pushed for divisive wokery from the start, forcing schools to allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports, for example,” Hilton said.



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