Founder of WE Forum Asks For Global Health Pass

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), said in a 2016 interview that is now gaining national attention that an implantable “public health pass” microchip will be unveiled within the next ten years to monitor and regulate all of humanity.

“We’re talking about implantable chips here. When would it be?” the Swiss channel RTS’s interviewer asked Schwab.

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Schwab replied, “Certainly in the next ten years.” “At first, we’ll insert them in our clothing,” says the narrator. Then we might imagine implanting them in our brains or under our skin.”

Humans will eventually be forced to be microchipped to buy and sell products, according to Schwab’s globalist “Great Reset” scheme, just as Revelation 13:16 predicts.

Schwab didn’t stop there; he also characterized the transhumanist dream of direct “fusion” of consciousness with the “digital world” as a transhumanist dream of globalists.

The transhumanist agenda, according to Schwab, would result in an entirely “digital universe” in which no natural human beings with God-imprinted DNA will exist.

“And maybe, in the end, there will be clear contact between our brains and the digital world,” Schwab predicted. “We see a convergence between the physical, interactive, and biological worlds.”

It’s a remarkable thing for mankind as a whole. mRNA injections, according to Schwab, will reprogram people’s DNA, erase their God “imprint,” and transform them into genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The widespread vaccination of humans against the coronavirus is likely to pave the way for this.

Under the guise of a global pandemic, this irreversible alteration of the human genome is laying the groundwork for the Mark of the Beast and its system to be introduced into people’s bodies, piece by piece.

The beast system’s ensuing phases will see the global activation of 5G technology, the breakdown of the old world order – including the new financial system – and the shift to a cashless society based on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

One of the few remaining roadblocks is “vaccine hesitancy,” which is on the rise as more incidents of people being injured or dying as a result of vaccine injections occur.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released “8 predictions for the world by 2030” in November 2016, predicting that the world will be a radically different place by 2030, with drastic changes in the way people live and work.


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