Former Telecom Executive: How ‘5G’ is Globalist Lynchpin for ‘Total Social Control’

5G wireless technology has become the source of much controversy, and not just whether or not it interferes with aviation or people’s health concerns.

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Tucker Carlson sought to unpack the push for 5G with telecom veteran Jonathan Pelson on Monday night’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News. Pelson is the author of “Wireless Wars, China’s Dangerous Domination of 5G and How We’re Fighting Back.”

“You may have noticed something called 5G is coming to the United States,” Tucker Carlson said. “We were told that it might interfere with airplanes. We just had the most interesting conversation of the year with Jonathan Pelson. He said 5G is not actually about your cell phone at all and it’s controlled by China. This is one of those conversations that we got increasingly wide eyed. You should watch the whole thing but here’s part of it.”

“5G despite the advertisements is not just a faster 4G,” Pelson said. “The real pay-off of 5G is that factories are going to use it to totally interconnect themselves. This thing called ‘the internet of things.’ Their traffic systems. License plate readers. Facial recognition systems. The way farms operate. There are devices now and sensors, wire lessens source on tractors, put sensors in the soil to test moisture levels, all of this will be connected.4-g network can’t handle that. If they can handle a thousand calls in one sector, 5G can handle a hundred thousand, so even though commercials talk about it being a lot faster than 4G…”

“What you just described is a means of toll social control,” Tucker interjected.

“You see what China would be so interested in being a dominant supplier of it,” Pelson went on. “There is a line between a license plate reader being used to find some kidnapped child and a plate meter being used to find an opposition leader going to a rally against the sitting elected officials, or ruling officials. China is interested certainly in the second part a lot more than in the first.”

“So, you’ve heard the term 5G,” Tucker said. “If you’re like most people you don’t know exactly what it is or what it will mean for your country. That was Jonathan Pelson who spent a lifetime in telecom, explaining it better than anybody that we’ve seen.”

In Pelson’s book Wireless Wars: China’s Dangerous Domination of 5G and How We’re Fighting Back, he explains “how America invented cellular technology, taught China how to make the gear, and then handed them the market,” according to the book’s description.

Pelson shares “never-before-told stories from the executives and scientists who built the industry and describes how China undercut and destroyed competing equipment makers, freeing themselves to export their nation’s network gear—and their surveillance state,” the book description adds. “He also reveals China’s successful program to purchase the support of the world’s leading political, business, and military figures in their effort to control rival nations’ networks.”

So, what is 5G? PC Mag describes its evolution.

“The G in this 5G means it’s a generation of wireless technology,” the article explains. “While most generations have technically been defined by their data transmission speeds, each has also been marked by a break in encoding methods, or ‘air interfaces,’ that makes it incompatible with the previous generation.”

“1G was analog cellular. 2G technologies, such as CDMA, GSM, and TDMA, were the first generation of digital cellular technologies. 3G technologies, such as EVDO, HSPA, and UMTS, brought speeds from 200kbps to a few megabits per second. 4G technologies, such as WiMAX and LTE, were the next incompatible leap forward, and they are now scaling up to hundreds of megabits and even gigabit-level speeds,” PC Mag notes.

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