Former Stripper Runs For Congress Stating She Aborted Her Baby To Give It A Better Life!

Alexandra Hunt runs for the Democratic Nomination for the Philadelphia-area congressional district and tried to leverage her past to gain an edge over her competition in the race.

Hunt decided to be a sex worker while she studied at the University of Richmond. She has a degree in psychology!

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She publicly stated that everyone has to know that she never regretted her abortion.

From her campaign platform, we can see its pro-drug use and includes great access to abortion. Furthermore, she mentioned the decriminalization of prostitution. And other progressive promises to erode the backbone of American society.

Her campaign presents her as a young soccer coach. But, it also shared that Hunt spent some time as a sex worker, and the club she coached terminated her once she refused to stop promoting her past.

Hunt shared that sex work is regarded as a negative profession, but it is an empowering profession that “allows women to own [their] sexuality…and use that to bring both money and power to level the playing field.”

She was pregnant at 18 and added that because her “generation faces a lack of jobs, a lack of living wage, a housing crisis, an affordable housing crisis, a student debt crisis, the climate emergency, the prison-industrial complex” and other maladies, she chose to kill her unborn child. “I wanted to offer my child better,” she said.

This Wednesday, the former sex worker created an OnlyFans account to fund her campaign. This account represents a web service that allows prostitutes, amateur models, and adult film participants to offer the sale directly to their fans.

Sex workers were accepted as virtuous members of society, but that was enough for Hunt. This woman wants the prostitutes to be accepted as teachers in schools!

Other terrible and invalid requests were expressed in Hunt’s writing. You can find advocacy for a high school teacher who got fired once it was exposed she used the school computer to run her pornographic website.

Hunt defended the teacher, who got fired once she refused to quit doing porn. She, like many young progressives, sees stigma of any kind as a negative influence on society.

How did Hunt justify her decision to end her teen pregnancy? Well, she was worried about climate change.

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