Former Pfizer VP: Vax Passports May Bring ‘Totalitarian Control’

(America’s Frontline Doctors) — April 29, 2021 Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer, has given a grim alert to the world about vaccine policies and related political initiatives, claiming that they are likely intended to achieve “utterly totalitarian control over the entire population forever.”

Many examples of what is already integrated into Green Passport systems introduced on Israel and extended around the world were provided by Yeadon. He also included a link to a video report that shows how “the situation we are in right now, the fear of a virus and the resulting steps that limit liberties, is exactly the situation that has been repeated in the past.”

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“This is Israel right now, and the United Kingdom in a few weeks,” Yeadon, a British national, told America’s Frontline Doctors.

The rest of Yeadon’s message is as follows:

I’m speaking to those who believe vaccine passports are beneficial or at the very least appropriate.

You are protected if you were a vulnerable individual and were vaccinated. You don’t need to worry about other people’s immune systems. Even if they’ve been vaccinated, that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to hold a single virus particle and give it to you. But knowing that someone else has been vaccinated isn’t going to motivate you or make you feel better.

You don’t need to know someone else’s immune status if you’ve refused vaccination because you’re not at risk from this virus, considering that younger people are MORE at risk from influenza than from COVID-19.

Vaccination provides protection to those who need it. Vaccine passports provide no security.

However, our overlords profit from vaxpass. It will be the world’s first common format database, accessible from Bolton to Bogota, and will include your unique digital ID as well as an editable health status flag (initially about vaccination status).

Whoever manages the database and any algorithm that governs what it allows and denies has authoritarian power over your entire life.

Consider a future where entering a sports stadium or museum needs a valid Vaxpass. No entry due to an invalid Vaxpass.

Consider how the rules have been toughened up (they will be). Without a valid pass, you can no longer access huge shopping malls or hotels.

What’s more? Yes, why not? The algorithm has been modified, and you can no longer access massive supermarkets or public transportation.

A Visa/MasterCard tweak that demands a valid Vaxpass BEFORE a terminal will open up for a purchase transaction may be a tyrannical measure.

You can’t even get a glass of water anymore. Alternatively, you might use petrol. Alternatively, little.

Ping, ping! You must report for your top-up vaccine as directed by your Vaxpass. Your pass will expire if you do not do so. Do you believe you have a choice?

Ping, ping! You’re reminded that you need to carry your grandson in as well, as his mother hasn’t done so. If you don’t, your pass, as well as the pass of the baby’s mother, will become null. Still believe you have a choice?

The fact that I can easily come up with examples should tell you that the potential for authoritarian domination of the entire population for the rest of time lurks like a worm at the heart of this post-Orwellian future.

It’s not a wild guess. This system, we’re told, is about to be implemented. Vaccination will be forced upon you, or you will be quickly marginalized.

Once you’ve been vaccinated, the few freedoms you’ve been granted can be revoked at any time.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that “no one could be this bad.” I can give you various examples from the previous century. There are plenty of bad people out there; the only distinction is SCALE and its permanent existence.

You MUST object and find ways to avoid a vaccine passport scheme from being implemented now that you’ve seen how simple it is to gain full control of an entire society. Using any and every means at our disposal.

Finally, please watch this documentary if you believe this is just a series of tragic and inept mistakes. Far before the end, you’ll realize, as I did with increasing horror, that this isn’t incompetence at all. It’s been practiced, and similar exercises have been wargamed for years, if not decades. It may persuade you to reconsider the origins of this shambles and crimes.


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