Former Lead U.S. Investigator Reveals: Wuhan Lab Researcher’s Wife Died Of Illness Like COVID-19 In December 2019!

A wife of one Wuhan lab researcher dealing with COVID-19 died from an illness similar to COVID-19 in December 2019. The leader of a State Department investigation spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

At that time, it was an early hint that the virus is transmittable to humans, but the Chinese authorities announced that the virus wasn’t infectious for one month after they were aware it was. So, they allowed it to spread, explained David Asher, the responsible for the COVID-19’s origin investigation.

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In the middle of January, China officially announced that the virus is transmittable to humans.

One person working in the Wuhan Institute of Virology shared info that the lab researcher’s wife died.

On Sunday, the Western Street Journal shared that three lab workers ended up in hospital with symptoms of coronavirus in November 2019. However, the first case confirmed was on December 8. The primary findings say that WIV employees had COVID-19 symptoms in fall 2019.

Asher stated that the lab workers probably had coronavirus, not flu.

“How many normal people in their 30s-40s get so sick from influenza that they have to be hospitalized? Lab workers, I am told, are almost certainly getting flu shots.” Asher said. “Moreover, what are the odds that several workers — who happen to be the researchers on enhancing the pathogenicity of COV RaTG13 and associated COVS all fall very sick together?”

WIV researchers examined viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2. However, China didn’t allow access to those researches. It was shared in the State Department’s statement in January.

The Washington Post reported that a senior State Department official said that the Biden administration doesn’t dispute the details in the department’s January 15 statement, produced during the Trump administration. But, it wasn’t a balanced representation because the focus was directed towards the lab leak.

The Biden administration ordered the U.S. intelligence community to do its best to find the virus’s origin within 90 days. The Biden Admin ruled this on Wednesday.

A Chinese delegate to a WHO assembly shared that China finished its part of the COVID-19’s origin examination, so now they focused on other countries.

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