Former CIA Official Shares Alarming “DC Rumor”

This rumor coming out from such a serious insider may be considered a serious claim, especially given the fact that the events he’s explaining are fresh, and have an impact on the entire global politics…

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You’ve probably already seen Bryan Dean Wright on Fox News. He is a well-respected and highly connected former CIA ops officer. He is sharp and obviously, wants to engage in truth-telling, instead of covering the tracks after Biden. Bryan says there’s a “minor” rumor floating around his circle of intel and military friends about why everything went down NOW – and it’s pretty damn disturbing.

“There’s a minor rumor in the IC/Mil world that the Afghanistan debacle wasn’t a mistake: The Biden Regime didn’t want Afghanistan to collapse a year from now — right before the 2022 midterm elections — as the IC forecasted. Better to have it collapse now. I offer no opinion.”

“But remember who we have running America’s military: President Pudding Brain. VP Unpopular Paperweight. SecDef Obese Window Dressing. Joint Chiefs Wokester Politician. America’s pol/mil elites are trash.”

Rumor or not, Joe Biden should be definitely investigated on the pointed circumstances! Do you agree?


Ava Garcia

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