For Women, The Jab Could Have Some REALLY DISTURBING Side Effects

It’s all pouring out now….

Women may now have to worry about potential adverse effects from the C-19 vaccine harming their reproductive health, in addition to a slew of other known negative effects.

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According to the latest reports, the National Institutes of Health will investigate the vaccine’s impact on women’s menstrual cycles…


They’re looking at it because of “reported changes in menstruation after COVID-19 vaccination,” which means there have already been a lot of reports.

Many people have already pointed out that The CDC has added to their list of lies by claiming that C-19 vaccinations have no effect on the menstrual cycle:

Shana Clauson, 45, told the Washington Post’s women’s news site about her experience after taking the vaccine at the time, then again this week, noting that her period came earlier and heavier than usual. She was one of several who took to social media to express their experiences.

“Is this not being discussed, or even looked at or researched because it is a ‘women’s issue?’” Last April, Clauson speculated to the Lily.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) appears to have taken notice of Clauson and others’ concerns, as they declared on Aug. 30 that they planned to conduct such such research, with up to half a million participants, including teens and transgendered people.

Look no farther than the passage above if you ever had any doubts about how unscientific N.I.H. research could be.

The National Institutes of Health will examine the impact of c-19 vaccines on the menstrual periods of men who claim to be women but lack a uterus……

Allow that to soak in for a moment.


More information on the study project can be found on the NIH.Gov website:

Menstrual cycle alterations, however, may not be confined to those who are infected with COVID-19. Some persons have recently reported changes in their menstruation after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, including length, flow, and concomitant symptoms like discomfort.

What will be the role of researchers?

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) recently issued a notice of special interest for researchers to compare the menstruation experiences of vaccinated and unvaccinated people to see if there is a link between vaccination and changes in menstruation.

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