For America To Survive GOP ‘Has to Die’ Claimed CNN’s Cuomo

Chris Cuomo, the CNN host, and Tom Friedman, a columnist for The New York Times, debated on the topic of the political landscape in the country.

After the discussion, Friedman summed up and Cuomo endorses, that the Republican Party must be killed off.

It’s the minutest segment of unification on a prime-time cable TV program when the country is in a state of division. Cuomo opened the discussion by introducing Friedman and his statement that a country will not survive if the two major political parties coexist.

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‘’My next guest says for America to live, this party has to die. Let’s bring in New York Times columnist Tom Friedman.’’ This was his introduction for Friedman onto the show.

Cuomo continued talking to Friedman that only by using the word ’die’ many people will criticize him for calling on for violence. Afterward, the host moved his negative vibes towards Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. Nowadays he is the least popular person in the US.

He asked Friedman two questions. The first was if he has ever seen anyone make a political move like McConnell did in voting to absolve, and following it up with the same reasoning as for why he should have sentenced.

This question alluded to McConnell’s strange decision to vote not to convict Donald Trump at the Senate impeachment trial. He immediately strikes on Trump, condemning him as practically and morally responsible for the event on January 6, at the Capitol.

Friedman answered that now McConnell is worldwide known as a hypocrite, and everything the senator said is with a semblance of lucidity.

The statement was supported by Cuomo, who emphasized that McConnell is shameless, and started to strike at Trump, his supporter, and the whole Republican Party.

According to Friedman, Trump was a shameless president, and his party was spineless, and those were their flaws. The most important question is will this party split and 10 to 15% are hived off? This way Trump’s party can’t win a national election to retake the White House, the Senate, and the presidency? One thing is for sure, this is not a governing party, stated Friedman.

Friedman is very wrong with his estimations on all counts.

In the elections of 2020, Trump got more votes than any other president in the history of the US. Furthermore, not even one GOP House incumbent lost a race. At the same time, the Republicans changed a total of 15 seats, while Democrats only 3. Much statistical analysis proved that Republicans can retake the House in 2022.

Friedman is gazing in his crystal ball, he continues explaining, besides the data, why GOP should be killed.

The ‘journalist’ explained that the Republican is not a governing party in two ways. One way is because it places the leader before the Constitution. The other way is because it goes back to the campaign, without a platform.

Trump’s campaign has no platform? What is he talking about? Probably the ‘journalist’ forgot that a memorable moment of the Democrat’s convention was when a man dressed in women’s clothes sang a hippie protest song.

The host of CNN in every other event continued a post-mortem on a party that is very healthy and alive.

Accordingly, he explained that the Republican Party, with Donald Trump as a leader, can’t take the power until it transforms.

Trump was mainly accused of his common usage of the phrase ‘’fight like hell’’. But Friedman supported by Cuomo, calls for DEATH of one of the major parties of the country.

These personas can hope and pray for the death of the Republican Party, every single time they appear on CNN, but it isn’t happening.

In 2022 the Republicans may win the House, and take the control of the Senate. All this shows that the will of Friedman and Cuomo for a one-party state is in their imagination.

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