Following Trump Presser’s Rejection, Doocy Went After Psaki With A Revenge!

Doocy took out all his frustrations on Psaki, and she didn’t stand that very well.

After Biden’s Press conference from yesterday, we realized that it wasn’t a press conference but a 35-car pile-up.

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Why am I saying that?

Because he had an album from all the reporters present, with their names, he should pick the right reporter previously prepared so that they could read the question, and then Biden can ‘’give’’ the answer.

Are you kidding me? Do you think that we are first graders so that we won’t notice?

This is humiliation!

People from Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax haven’t received an invitation. Can you guess why?
Because journalists like Steve Doocy would have imposed questions that Biden couldn’t find a suitable answer to, and the press conference would have been disastrous.

Biden administration created the perfect drama called Biden’s first solo press conference after 70 days since he took office.

Everything is obvious! Biden had cheat sheets among his notes, but he still didn’t manage to hold one regular press without bubbling.

Imagine how it would’ve looked like if all the reporters could be present!

Biden would have fainted probably!

Maybe Peter Doocy wasn’t invited to the press conference, but he found his way to get a little revenge.
He unloaded his frustration on the White House Speaker Jen Psaki with a question that she didn’t like.

The question was why Biden says the filibuster is ‘’racist’’ now, but he supported him in 2005?

In 2005 Biden was a racist?

Well, yes!

See the video below!

Maybe at the next Biden’s press conference, they should invite reporters that aren’t supporting the Democrats so that we would have a more reasonable discussion.
Many Americans aren’t liberal so that people would appreciate the answers to questions imposed by different reporters.

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