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Following His Divorce From Melinda Gates, Bill Gates’ “Geek Dad” Persona Crumbles

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has assiduously cultivated the image of a “geek dad” over the years. This image, however, was shattered when William and his ex-wife Melinda Gates announced their divorce after nearly three decades of marriage. The divorce document also revealed other skeletons in Bill’s closet, some of which played a significant role in the couple’s eventual split.

After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda announced their divorce. In the divorce papers, the Microsoft founder’s ex-wife stated that their marriage was “irretrievably ruined.” The divorce was the subject of rumors. Reports of Bill’s extramarital affair and his pursuit of office romances at Microsoft and its epony were among the rumors.

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Prior to the divorce, though, Gates already had a shady image. He was infamous for severely berating his subordinates when he was still the CEO of Microsoft. While co-founder Paul Allen was receiving cancer treatment, Gates allegedly tried to cut his share of the company. Gates has “a Napoleonic concept of himself and his organization, [with] an arrogance that stems from power and unalloyed success,” according to the judge who ruled over Microsoft’s antitrust trial.

The rumors and speculation surrounding Bill Gates’ divorce are growing increasingly ludicrous, according to a spokeswoman for the Microsoft founder. They also stated that the claim of staff mistreatment is untrue.

With the turn of events, Gates recognized that he needed to use his riches to improve people’s perceptions of him. After that, he stepped down as CEO of Microsoft to focus on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their non-profit has given away more than $50 billion to promote public health initiatives, such as childhood vaccinations.

His actions paid off, as public opinion shifted from being against him to being in his favor. Instead of scrutinizing Gates, the media allowed him time on the air to discuss his ideas. His TED Talk from 2015 had tens of millions of views. Former President Barack Obama awarded him and Melinda the Presidential Medal of Freedom a year after he gave the speech.

Bill portrayed himself as a mix of nerd, tycoon, and family man. He was renowned for driving his children to school, binge-watching Modern Family episodes, dressing up as Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, and standing in line to buy his favorite cheeseburgers. Despite his humble appearance, the Microsoft founder had such power that he was able to influence public opinion on crucial topics.

Bill’s interactions with Epstein were a big factor in Melinda’s decision to divorce him.

Skeptics, on the other hand, have pointed out the inconsistencies in Bill’s image since his divorce. They pointed out that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s campaign for women’s empowerment would be hypocritical if he wanted an inappropriate relationship with female employees. Bill’s alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor, would also disqualify him from standing up against child trafficking. (See also: Bill Gates’ eugenics promotion and association with Jeffrey Epstein.)

According to an Al Jazeera article, Melinda Gates has been concerned about the Bill Gates-Epstein link since 2013. She was still alive six years later.

Bill visited with Epstein “many times” following his conviction in 2011, according to people familiar with the situation. When the pair met Epstein in 2013, Melinda expressed her apprehension. Despite this, Bill Gates and other Gates Foundation workers maintained contact with Epstein.

According to a New York Times investigation from October 2019, Bill and Epstein met at least three times in the latter’s Manhattan home. One meeting featured the Microsoft founder “staying late into the night,” according to the report. Melinda held a series of calls with her advisers in the aftermath of the New York Times piece.

Bill was soon defended by the spokesperson: “Claims that [Bill] Gates had any pervasive influence

Bill wrote about the value of legacy in the foreword to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s 2017 autobiography, “Hit Refresh.” “Some of what’s on the page stays the same when you hit refresh on your browser.” Microsoft has transformed itself after Gates stepped down, but it still maintained characteristics from his time as CEO years ago, according to Gates.

The same could be said of Bill, who maintained his shady past despite his altruism. His various causes, such as depopulation disguised as mass vaccination and climate manipulation via the SCoPEx project, have only served to expose his true colors.


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