FOIA Requested Pentagon To Release The Video of BOTCHED US Drone Strike In Kabul! It Killed 10 Citizens 7 Children! [WATCH]

The Pentagon has to release the video footage from a botched US drone strike in Kabul that killed ten civilians at the last hours of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The strike was ordered after the suicide bombing that took the lives of 13 US military members and more than 60 bystanders. At the suicide attack, more than 150 people were injured.

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The terrorist who killed himself had been released from prison because of Biden’s decision that left the jail unprotected when the US troops pulled out of the area.

The NYT got the video from the drone strike, and FOIA requested it to be submitted to the US Central Command, and since then, it has shared segments to their website.

The content that has to be released has 25 minutes video from what the Times reported were two MQ-9 Reaper drones. The scene of the strike can be seen before, during, and after the attack, where a civilian car in a courtyard on a residential street was obliterated by the missile.

Screenshots have been uploaded.


If you want to see the full 25 minutes clip, you can find it here.

Biden’s military brass claimed it had struck what it thought was an extremist with the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate who had been an imminent threat to detonate a bomb at the Kabul airport.

The man who was driving the car wasn’t linked to the IS group. The military dropped the missile out of the sky onto Zemari Ahmadi and his family, killing him and his several children.

The Biden Regime is an embarrassment.

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