FOIA Docs: Pfizer Causes Miscarriages and Stillborn Babies

Among the first reports handed over by Pfizer was a ‘Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports’ describing events reported to Pfizer up until February 2021. But were there any real and objective statements and results?

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If the results were real, and Pfizer was really safe, reports of stillborn babies from all over the world would not be on the rise.

Netflix reality TV star Maya Vander told her fans last week of her devastating grief after she delivered a stillborn baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy on December 9.

“Yesterday was the hardest day of my life,” Vander, 39, posted on Instagram, with a picture of new baby clothes in a memory box she was taking home from hospital instead of her baby boy. “I always heard of it but never imagined I’ll be part of the statistics.”

“After her loss, she wrote in Insider magazine that she had felt less movement from the baby a few days before she learned her baby had died and also that her husband and two children were COVID-positive, although she had tested negative. She said the baby, who was “perfect” and weighed seven pounds and four ounces, would be autopsied,” Life Site News reported.

“There was a flurry of sympathetic news coverage about Vander’s loss, but not one article dared to ask burning questions: did COVID shots during her pregnancy have something to do with this baby’s death? Or did COVID have something to do with it, and the COVID shots failed?”

Here’s the data Pfizer denied to give out, calling upon the FOIA, when it was specifically requested by a group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, after a judge ruled that the FDA and Pfizer would have to answer their FOIA requests. Among the first reports handed over by Pfizer was a “Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports” describing events reported to Pfizer up until February 2021.

“The drug behemoth received more than 150,000 serious adverse event reports within three months of rolling out its COVID shot, but here we will focus on Table 6 of the data on pregnant and lactating women who received the shots in the first few months of the rollout, which began December 11. Most of these women would have been healthcare workers because that was who the first rounds of shots went to. As the clinical trials preceding the rollout excluded pregnant women, these would have been the first pregnant and lactating women to have ever received the vaccines.

Table 6 states that of 270 “unique pregnancies” that were exposed to the vaccine, “no outcome was provided for 238 pregnancies.”

This leaves 32 pregnancies with known outcomes.

Pfizer’s report states that there were 23 spontaneous abortions (miscarriages), two premature births with neonatal death, two spontaneous abortions with intrauterine death, one spontaneous abortion with neonatal death, and one pregnancy with “normal outcome.” That means that of 32 pregnancies with known outcome, 28 resulted in fetal death.

Pfizer’s report states that there were five pregnancies with “outcome pending” as well as the 238 with “no outcome provided.” But 32 minus 28 equals four, not five.

Because of this confusion, I called Pfizer and emailed questions to their media rep. Were 28 of 32 known pregnancy outcomes actually fatal in the first 10 weeks that the vaccine became available, as their report suggests? That’s an 87.5 % pregnancy loss rate? And only one pregnancy outcome was “normal”? Please correct me if I’m wrong about this.

No reply.

The FDA would have had these data in their hands by the end of April. Maybe this is why they wanted to hide it for 55 years?

Ordinarily, when a new drug or medical device is put into action, the onus is, and should be, on the drugmaker to prove that any unexpected events that occur afterwards are not related to the product. “All spontaneous reports have an implied causal relationship as per regulatory guidance, regardless of the reporter’s assessment,” according to adverse event reporting guidelines. But Pfizer and the FDA ignored events with the temporal association and plausible cause for injury and have blithely declared the vaccine “safe and effective” for pregnant women.”

Allowed it to be mandated, even.

“Normally, it’s only five or six stillbirths every year. So, about one stillbirth every two months is the usual rate,” he said. “So, to suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in six months, that’s highly unusual. But, the most important confirmation that we have from the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the [mothers of the] 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated,” Dr Daniel Nagase, an Alberta doctor who was ordered to leave his Alberta hospital for treating three COVID patients with ivermectin, stated for a local news report.

VigiBase data
Given the high numbers of doses given, the number of adverse events continues to climb. VigiBase, the database of the World Health Organization, reports pregnancy complications including:

* 3,952 spontaneous abortions
* 353 foetal deaths
* 189 missed abortions
* 166 premature labours
* 160 premature babies
* 154 abortions
* 150 slow movement of unborn baby
* 146 hemorrhages in pregnancy
* 132 premature deliveries
* 123 fetal growth restriction
* 120 stillbirths
* 105 ectopic pregnancies
* 90 pre-eclampsia

Another study that’s being heavily relied upon by the “experts” is from the New England Journal of Medicine.

“Initially the study was published with Table 4 showing “Spontaneous Abortion” after vaccination. The authors claimed that 104 pregnancy losses divided by 827 pregnancies resulted in 12.6% pregnancy loss rate, which is within a normal range. However, as Deanna McLeod, a professional cancer data analyst from Kaleidoscope Strategic Toronto, and her colleagues pointed out in a letter to the NEJM, in the tiny print below the table was a statement that a “total of 700 participants received their first eligible dose in the third trimester.” Since the definition of spontaneous abortion pertains to pregnancy loss under 20 weeks gestation, that meant 700 women didn’t belong in the denominator because when they were vaccinated, they were already past the point of being able to have a spontaneous abortion. So, properly read, the fraction changed from 104/827 to 104/127 (81.9%). Hence, an 82% pregnancy loss rate for the first trimester pregnancies.”

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