FLASH: Wisconsin Republicans’ Actions Show They Think the 143,000 Biden Ballots Are Fine

Let’s face it: Wisconsin’s Republican legislature is happy with the state’s presidential election outcomes in 2020. This is evident in the way they handled the enormous electoral fraud that occurred in 2020.
The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly has outlined a number of remedies in reaction to the illegal activities that happened during the state’s 2020 election. According to local FOX11, the legislature wants to address the following issues with new legislation:

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1. They want to prohibit towns from accepting outside electoral grants, like as those given to numerous communities by Mark Zuckerman through a non-profit before the 2020 election.

2 They seek to restrict absentee ballot drop boxes to the clerk’s office solely.

3. They want election observers to be permitted to stand within 3 feet of tables instead of 3 to 8 feet away or not at all, as was the case in 2020.

In a press release, the legislature also highlights three further election-related initiatives:

4. Individuals will no longer be routinely mailed votes for every election. Absentee ballot applications will be limited to a primary election and the general election that follows it.

2 They want just the clerk’s office to have absentee ballot drop boxes.

3. They want election monitors to be able to stand within 3 feet of tables, rather than 3 to 8 feet or none at all, as was the case in 2020.

Three further election-related initiatives were mentioned in a press release by the legislature:

4. Individuals will no longer receive ballots for each election automatically. Absentee ballot applications will be limited to a primary and the general election that follows it.

These measures to make the election process more free and fair are welcome, but they must be signed by a Democrat governor. It’s possible that they’re all fantasy.

The Legislature declared in mid-May that they will have an audit of the 2018 results conducted by “a non-partisan organization.”

This was positive, but the nonpartisan auditor mentioned above, according to information we received from a member of the legislature, will be a bureaucratic body. In addition, the Speaker stated that three retired officers will investigate the 2020 election.

The word on the street is that the upcoming audits will focus on the items listed above.


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