FLASH: Rand Paul Explains Why He Isn’t Getting the Vaccine

Senator Rand Paul would not be vaccinated against COVID. It’s not that he’s a vaccine skeptic. Or it simply ‘doesn’t fit.’ That may also be that it’s still in the testing stage, and pharmaceutical firms aren’t responsible for side effects. It’s a lot easier than that.

It’s because he’s had it before. The United States senator and medical doctor, who practices as an ophthalmologist, claims that he has “natural immunity” and does not need the vaccine shot.

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“Until they show me signs that people who have already had the virus are dying in huge numbers, being hospitalized, or being really ill, I’m not getting vaccinated because I’ve already had the disease,” she says.

The CDC disagrees with this assessment and is urging as many people as possible to get the vaccines, claiming that “experts do not yet know how long you are safe from getting sick again after you recover.”

“Even if you have recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—though unlikely—that you will become infected with the virus that triggers COVID-19 again,” according to the CDC.

Estimates of how much natural and vaccinated immunity a population needs to produce to stop a virus from spreading range from 60 to 70 percent, though some COVID-19 extremists advocate for 100 percent vaccinated immunity. COVID vaccines are 99.992 percent safe, according to the CDC.

“You’d think that in a free country, people would respect the idea that each person gets to make their own medical decisions, that it wouldn’t be a big brother telling me what I have to do,” Paul said.

“Will they also tell me I can’t eat a cheeseburger for lunch?” Will they tell me that I have to eat just carrots and limit my calorie intake?” Paul continued. “I think all of that will be nice for me, but I don’t think Big Brother should order me to do it.”

Senator Rand Paul has repeatedly defended the right of Americans to choose how they want to live their lives, regardless of the pandemic. More leftists, one would imagine, would believe in the straightforward message: “My body, my responsibility.”


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