FLASH: Professor Claims Race Theory To Build The ‘Church Of Marxism’

The left is no longer attempting to conceal their Marxist purpose for Critical Race Theory or their underlying goal for decades of American transformation: Christians. The Marxist left seeks to eliminate Christians’ and those who agree with Christians on human free will’s spiritual possibilities.

“At its core, Critical Race Theory’s Marxist premise is a spiritual concern. If you study Marx’s writings, you’ll notice that he was concerned about alienation. Alienation of the species in particular. Glenn Bracey explained to a large audience of educators why he was appealing to them: “That aspect of humanity that provides creativity that is distinctive to the individual and defines us from animals.”

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The left is erecting a ‘church’ of Karl Marx, which is concerning because Marxism is the bedrock of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) control of Chinese society. And this is concerning since the CCP executes those who refuse to submit and follow orders.

The left says that Marxism would release people into a utopian creative existence, but Marxists are not happy people, thus something is wrong. Allowing them to make repressive public policy should be our top priority in the United States. It’s interesting looking at where the gap between the left’s dreams about Marxism and the reality of people living in poverty is.

They are, nevertheless, attempting to denigrate the ideas of others.

“Marx was concerned that our modern systems were flattening humanity and disconnecting us from those activities… that uh.. Christians would say, we were.. uh… created to emulate and practice,” Bracey told the Zoom audience.

Consider the reforms that the Marxist left is pushing for in the areas of sexuality, gender, spirituality, education, medicine, parental rights, sexual consent age, government authority over individuals, racism against White people, and American sovereignty. Why are Marxist and Communist countries so unhappy if they reflect what humanity wants?

“So, the central concern of Critical Race Theory is how to free people of color, particularly Black people, from repressive structures that deny us access to our species’ being… includes racism. It’s Marxism, and Marxism in Critical Race Theory is ultimately a spiritual concern,” he explained.

There is little doubt that the Marxist left will use racism as a tactic to damage people while virtue signaling that they are rescuing Black people for spiritual points.

But what if African-Americans are Christians? That is something the left simply cannot accept. To do so would be to admit one of their delusions’ many contradictions with reality.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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