FLASH: Piers Morgan Finally Wins the “War” With Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan has announced that he has been invited back to “Good Morning Britain” after leaving the programme two months ago due to reaction over his criticism of Meghan Markle.

The morning show’s ratings have plummeted since Morgan’s departure, which is presumably why they want him back.

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Meghan, according to rumors, was the one who got Piers fired after she protested about his comments.

That appears to have been a catastrophic disaster, and Piers is now in an even better position – and Meghan now realizes just how unpopular she is.

“They approached me – there were approaches. Morgan told The Sun, “Never say never.”

Morgan’s refusal to apologize for criticizing Meghan played a big role in his departure, and he still stands by it. In fact, he now claims that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should lose their royal titles for “trashing the institution and creating a great deal of damage.”

“I believe they should lose their titles because they’re ruining the institution and inflicting a lot of damage in the Commonwealth, because a lot of countries believe this racial nonsense,” Morgan added. “In the midst of an epidemic, they’ve become the world’s biggest victims. It’s pitiful. Harry has to mature.”

Morgan resorted to social media after leaving “Good Morning Britain” to claim that he had been a victim of “cancel culture.”

He commented on Instagram at the time, “Those of you who know me well enough know that, despite my many flaws, I’m always willing to stand my own for the things that I believe matter most.” “And now I’ve lost my job at Good Morning Britain because I refused to apologize for not believing Meghan Markle’s allegations in her Oprah Winfrey interview.”

“As a result, I became the next ‘victim’ of our country’s cancel culture, which is pervading every minute, hour, and day,” he added. “Of course, I don’t consider myself a victim or someone who has been canceled.”

As he spoke to Tucker Carlson on “Fox Nation,” Morgan lashed out at Meghan for her candid interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“You’re accusing people in the palace of being inexcusably nasty just to protect the Royal family’s brand. Whether that’s the case, Morgan says, “let’s get the names of these folks and ask them if this is real.” “Did you ever tell a suicidal lady who told you she was suicidal that she couldn’t seek help? Because that is impossible for me to believe.”

“Here we are a month later, and really — I’ve had plenty of time to think about it — I still don’t trust a word they said,” Morgan continued.


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