FLASH: Pentagon Confirms Authenticity Of UFO Footage

After Navy personnel captured video of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) displaying characteristics that contradict our existing understanding of physics, the Pentagon reported footage taken aboard the USS Omaha in 2019 is being investigated by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF).

Susan Gough, a Pentagon spokeswoman, confirmed the footage’s authenticity to Daily Caller. “I can confirm that the video was taken by Navy staff, and that it was included in the UAPTF’s ongoing examinations,” she said.

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Jeremy Corbell, a veteran documentary filmmaker, released footage of what the Pentagon refers to as a “transmedium vehicle” entering the ocean without being damaged. The word “transmedium vehicle” is used by the Pentagon to describe an unidentified craft that travels through multiple mediums such as air, water, or vacuum space.

This video comes at a time when top Pentagon and congressional officials are paying more attention to UAPs. The Pentagon is expected to provide Congress with a detailed report on their role in investigating and monitoring UAPs involving our Armed Forces personnel and assets. Senator Marco Rubio has set a deadline of June 1 for them to respond.

On Sunday, May 16, CBS News’ 60 Minutes is expected to report on the current state of the UAP problem. According to Jeremy McGowan, an Air Force veteran and UAP researcher, 60 Minutes declined to use this footage in their study.


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