FLASH NEWS: Liz Cheney’s Traitorous Secret Was Just Uncovered

Names like John McCain, Mitt Romney, and George Bush come to mind when you think of GOP traitors.

They are three of the most heinous traitors in history, and one of them is actually sitting in Congress as we speak.

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However, Liz Cheney is another name that should be added to the top of the list.

She should be suspended from Congress after we’ve all learned what she’s done.

Liz, as we all know, is nearing the end of her life. Her days are numbered as the third most strong Republican in Congress, after she went full “Stage 5 TDS” and lost her damn marbles over her blind contempt for President Trump.

But, according to a new article, Liz’s simmering rage has always been simmering underneath the surface – so much so that, in October of last year, Liz devised a scheme to ensure President Trump’s re-election…

She made it happen with the help of her father and his contacts.

Liz Cheney recruited ten living former defense secretaries, including Trump’s first defense secretary, Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, to write a Washington Post op-ed warning of Trump’s “plans” to politicize the military.

In recent days, Cheney’s split from the House Republican Conference has been all but official, but it has been months in the making. Cheney secretly arranged an unprecedented op-ed by all ten living former defense secretaries, including her father, in The Washington Post, warning about Trump’s attempts to politicize the military, according to Edelman. The congresswoman not only enlisted her father’s support, but also directly approached others, including Trump’s first deputy attorney general.

This, in my view, is sufficient grounds for her expulsion from Congress and the Republican Party. This is without a doubt one of the most treasonous moves taken by a Republican against President Trump.

And she must be exiled, exiled, ousted in any sense of the word.

Liz Cheney, a dinosaur and a liar, has no place in the modern, America First Republican Party.

There’s also no place for Kevin McCarthy, who is literally “bunking” with Frank Luntz, a liberal Google lobbyist who despises Trump and lies about his polls.

If we ever want to beat the Democrats, we must get rid of these traitors and frauds from the party, because we can’t do it when these sly RINOs are in control.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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