FLASH NEWS: Jake Tapper Caught Lying AGAIN About CNN Guest Bookings

Stefanik showed that multiple times in the beginning of May 2021, Tapper’s team reached out to get her on State of the Union.

Also included in her post a screenshot of a June 4 Politico article where Tapper stated he wouldn’t have “Republicans who push ‘election fraud’ conspiracies” on his show.

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Senator Josh Hawley’s press secretary called out Tapper as well, pointing out that, contrary to Tapper’s claims, his show had asked Hawley to appear a jaw-dropping 18 TIMES.


Stefanik demonstrated that Tapper’s crew contacted out to her many times in early May 2021 to get her on State of the Union.

She also supplied a screenshot of a June 4 Politico article in which Tapper indicated that “Republicans who advocate ‘election fraud’ claims” would not be allowed on his show.

Senator Josh Hawley’s press secretary also chastised Tapper, claiming that, contrary to Tapper’s statements, his show had invited Hawley to come 18 times.

“And if the bookers had approached me and indicated he was a choice, I would have said no, as I have for every Election Liar,” Tapper tweeted. “I only began explaining to them the reasons for my refusal of every Big Liar last month. It’s strange to accept that your boss is an election liar, but that’s fine.”

Last year, Esquire Magazine branded Tapper “The King of Truth” for pushing the now-debunked Russia connection fake and burying the Hunter Biden influence-peddling scandal.

Tapper cautioned that Trump supporters would face consequences after the 2020 presidential election, but he reprimanded individuals who gathered lists of pro-Trump foes in order to hold the supporters accountable.

In response to the Trump Accountability Project’s activities, Tapper remarked that blacklisting Trump government employees was inconsistent with President-elect Biden’s “calling for peace and healing.”


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