FLASH NEWS: Here’s How You Know Democrats Rigged 2020 Election

Let me explain in terms that even Democrats can comprehend.

Consider the case of a white police officer who murdered an unarmed black man. He hadn’t done anything wrong; he wasn’t resisting arrest; his body wasn’t full of fentanyl; and he didn’t have a long history of violent crime like George Floyd. None of that is true. Assume that this unfortunate man was a law-abiding, tax-paying, church-going citizen of the United States. And he was killed by a white cop for the crime of “driving while black.”

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What is the police department’s response? They say the shooting was justified. They fail to look into it. They have a videotape of the bodycam, but they refuse to release it. And, get this, they won’t even let us talk about it.

If someone from the black community speaks out against it, social media will either suspend or permanently ban them.

To you, what does any of that imply? Isn’t it true that you’re guilty as charged? A crime must be being covered up by the police. Isn’t it true that no one who is innocent does anything like that?

What’s more, guess what? That is the EXACT reaction (or over-reaction) of leftists, Democrats, and various socialists and communists to Republican claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

In America, I thought we were all free to express ourselves. I felt we had the right to free speech. I believed we had a legal right to look into it. I believed we had a legal right to view the videotapes. We had a right to forensic audits, I thought.

I was mistaken.

The solution has been found. It’s obvious to me now that not just the election, but also the post-election, was rigged. It’s all a matter of psychology. Take a look at the Democrats’ irrational or over-reaction.

Will anybody dare to forbid people from discussing the possibility of a racist police killing? Can you imagine how leftists, black activists, and the ACLU would react? What if the Minneapolis Police Department made it illegal to talk about George Floyd’s death indefinitely?

What if any black American who wanted to express themselves on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube was barred from doing so for the rest of their lives?

Who behaves in this manner? There are only those who are guilty.

That’s how you figure it out.

Here are the questions I’d like answered…

Why are Democrats so afraid of forensic audits in key battleground states, especially the one in Arizona right now, if they didn’t rig and steal the election?

Why did five states abruptly declare (in coordination) that they were stopping counting for the night when Trump was an 8 to 1 landslide favorite with bettors around the world late on election night and clearly heading for a landslide electoral victory?


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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