FLASH NEWS: An American Charter Plane Has Successfully Departed Mazar-i-Sharif Airport in Afghanistan

The first charter plane with a full load of Americans has safely flown out of Afghanistan.
A plane carrying Americans has been safely evacuated from Afghanistan, according to reports.

Emily Miller of Emilyposts.com writes:

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“It’s official now: Afghanistan’s first private rescue plane has landed at a US airfield in Qatar. Prayers have been answered! The manifest of vetted passengers was approved by the State Department on a private group’s charter plane. I believe that everyone on board is an American citizen, but the figure will be announced by the State Department. This does not imply that everyone else will be left behind once more. There are still so many people to save! Thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of foreigners

Today, I had a wonderful chat with one of Afghan Evac’s leaders about the process of merging the small veteran special forces rescue teams into a more successful and resourced organization. Everyone in Afghanistan will benefit from this (Americans, SIVs). I’ll have contact information, links, and other information soon.”

The site provides a flight path, which you can see below.

Emily shares the following on her website:

The ultimate battle in the Afghanistan war was lost by President Joe Biden. The US government abandoned Americans and Afghan friends in the days leading up to the August 30 pullout.

However, veteran military special operators have taken up the mission to ensure that no one is left behind. I’m a member of one of them.


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