FLASH: New Photo of Queen Elizabeth With Jill and Joe

Joe’s worst hour will be remembered as the G7 summit.

I didn’t think anything could beat his terrible “first” press conference, but he’s outdone himself, which is bad news for America since he’s making us look like a weak, silly laughingstock on the international stage.

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Biden has been captured on film aimlessly strolling around a strange cafe until Jill “rescued” him, he’s made so many gaffes that I’ve lost count, and he’s become so perplexed that he prompted a group of international leaders to burst out laughing nervously.

And if that wasn’t awful enough, Biden appears to be getting old, frail, and weak.

Joe’s Handlers, on the other hand, are hell-bent on making him appear “cool.”As a result, when he and Jill went to see the Queen, they gave Joe a pair of sunglasses.

It appears to be absurd. I’m not sure if they were trying to make this senile clown look hip and young, or whether his pupils were dilated from a medical cocktail, but it looked ridiculous and out of place, especially given all the other silliness going on in England.

Here’s the image that’s generating such a stir:

Here are some of the comments:

“Is… Is he indoors as well? They’re really trying to push the “I’m a cool, hip president because aviators, fellow kids” thing still?”

“This looks so stupid. Why would they put him in those sunglasses?

“His masters are really trying to make those sunglasses his trademark lol ”

“Joe looks like the blind guy at the nursing home”

“He should have been wearing those “Groucho glasses” way more fitting”

“PR people actually think those sunglasses make him look young lmao”

“He wears them so they can’t see he is dead inside. The lights are on, but no one is home. No one has been home for a while now.”

“He’s wearing them because his pupils are dilated from the Adderall.”

“Remarkable woman, performing her duty. Which very often is to keep up appearances and pretend it’s not a clown world.”

“Jill looks relaxed doesn’t she LOL”

“What’s with that bandaid on Jill’s leg. Why isn’t she wearing hosiery to cover those legs?”

“Jill could definitely use some hosiery. Just saying.”

“One doesn’t stand on Her Majesty’s right, does one?”

“Jill’s feet and legs look horrible! I wonder if she is using Michelle Obama’s stylist? Ewwwwww”

“Jill’s feet look like Joe’s hands.”

Two people who have no idea what they’re doing and appear completely weird in their skin because they’re not supposed to be there.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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