FLASH: GOP Rep. Kinzinger Destroys Republicans

On CBS’s “Face The Country” on Sunday, Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said the Republican Party is “basically the Titanic” and in the midst of a “slow sink.”

“Talking about internal divides, there’s the Republican Party in the House,” host John Dickerson said. “It appears that Liz Cheney, the Republican House leadership’s number three, will no longer be in that role. What is the point of this argument?”

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“Look, it’s incredible,” says the narrator. So Liz Cheney is repeating Kevin McCarthy’s words from the day of the insurgency. Kinzinger responded, “She’s just been saying it consistently.” “And then Kevin McCarthy started threatening other people a few weeks later.

So, I believe the truth is that, as a group, we must conduct an internal investigation and account for all that led up to January 6th. I mean, it’s practically the Titanic right now. We’re like, in the middle of this sluggish sink, we’ve got a band playing on the deck telling everyone everything is fine.”

“And in the meantime, as I’ve said, Donald Trump is frantically looking for women’s clothing in order to board the first lifeboat,” he added. “And I think there are a few of us who are just thinking, guys, this isn’t well, not just for the party’s future, but for the country’s future as well. We’ve been four months since the insurgency began on January 6th.

And the message from those who want to get rid of Liz Cheney is that it’s time to move on and concentrate on the future, as if this happened 10 years ago and we’ve been obsessed with it ever since.”

Kinzinger said, “It’s been four months.” “And we have so many people in our party, including our leadership, who refuse to accept that this is what it is: an insurgency led by the president of the United States that deserves a complete accounting from Republicans.”

“However, if you’re the leader of a party and 70% of your members believe the last election was rigged, you’re the leader of that party,” Dickerson said. “It’s impossible to adjust the party.”

You’re the boss. So why shouldn’t anyone lead a political party that is fundamentally opposed to Liz Cheney’s beliefs?”

Kinzinger replied, “Because truth matters.” “Right now—and we have to look into why, yes, 70 percent of the base believes the election was rigged because they were told it was—we have to look into why, yes, 70 percent of the base believes the election was rigged because they were told it was—we have to look into why, yes, 70 percent of the base The president of the United States has informed them. They’ve been told by Republican leaders in certain ways, or at the very least, Republican leaders haven’t countered it on anything as far-fetched as the election being rigged. You know, and this is why you have this real fight in the party right now, this notion of putting our differences aside and uniting.

“You can’t have facts and lies together,” he concluded. “The election was rigged,” says the liar. The reality is that Joe Biden was victorious over Donald Trump. And I’m sorry that Donald Trump received 74 million votes. They weren’t disenfranchised in the least. They were simply outnumbered, so let’s concentrate on how we can go out and win more people as a group now. And that’s why I launched the ‘Country 1st’ campaign, which can be found at country1st.com, to simply tell people the facts and stop peddling lies and conspiracies, which is exactly what we’ve seen in this group. And they’re going to fire Liz Cheney because they’d rather say that the plot isn’t true or ignore it than face it and possibly lose their jobs.


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