FLASH: Frank Luntz’s Career Crumbling After New Bomb Drops

Frank Luntz – or, as I like to call him, Frank “Dunce” – has always been a liar.

Even though everybody who pays any attention to politics knows this, the establishment GOP supports him and his dumb and pointless “focus groups.”

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So much so that GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarty was living with Dunce in D.C. and had him speak at a recent GOP conference about how to broaden the party’s base.

Trump, by the way, was not invited to this “forum.” I’m telling you, the Republican Party is completely ineffective, and 95% of its members should be replaced.

When Frank Luntz’s TDS went into effect in 2016, we all knew he was a fake, but it was verified when the contents of Hunter’s laptop were released, and there was an email from Frank to Hunter, complaining that he wasn’t getting “respect” from Joe Biden after all he’d done to help him with polls and such.

A true professional…

But now, thanks to an employee whistleblower who just blew the lid off Frank and called everything he’s doing a complete “fraud,” the final nail has been driven into Frank Dunce’s career.

The story first appeared in Salon, a left-leaning publication, but don’t let that put you off; it’s being widely reported all over the internet. Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster and Kevin McCarthy’s friend-turned-roommate, isn’t ashamed to brag about his personal accomplishments, according to Salon. A biography on his website states, “Dr. Frank I. Luntz is one of America’s most honored communication practitioners today.” However, some of his former colleagues have a very different story to tell.

Luntz tried to manipulate focus groups using “dial research,” in which participants spin a small handheld unit, which produces real-time results in response to questions posed by the presenter, according to Ingram. “Frank would sit in that room crying, ‘Keep turning the dials! Keep turning the dials!’ when he was employed by customers, whether they be corporate or political.” Ingram said in a phone interview with Salon. Luntz’s main concern, according to Ingram, was obtaining results that would result in more “compelling” data to be “present[ed] to the client.”

Luntz, according to Ingram, does not act as a “impartial” or “honest” survey researcher, but rather as a “pay-for-play pawn” in Washington.

The American Association for Public Opinion Research overwhelmingly agreed with Ingram’s current report in 1997, concluding that Luntz had “violated the Association’s Code of Professional Ethics and Practices” following a 14-month investigation.

According to Ingram, Luntz’s “keep turning the dials” methodology is “clearly not the sort of stuff that legitimate public opinion and survey researchers employ,” and this is only one of several examples. Luntz can trick audiences and media organizations in other ways, according to Ingram, including screening and choosing participants in a way that was “very simply nonsense.”


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