FLASH BRIEF: New US intelligence Bombshell Might Be Final Blow For Fauci

Dr. Fauci is being surrounded by walls.

In less than a year, he turned from the left’s “Golden Boy” to the horrible monster ghoul.

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His tumble is arguably more spectacular than Chris Cuomo’s…

Fauci is restraining Cuomo, who has killed thousands of people in nursing homes.

What’s going on with Fauci, on the other hand, is far more dangerous. He appears to be the mastermind behind the US’s entire ruin — lives, the economy, the middle class, you name it.

This recent analysis from the US Intelligence Community could be the final nail in Fauci’s coffin.

Adam Housley, a former Fox News correspondent, has dropped a bombshell on Twitter.

“Also…,” he continued.

China, according to US intelligence, is attempting to create versions that make it appear as though it came from bats in order to hide the fact that it originated in a lab. It is still believed that it escaped by accident but was allowed to spread.”

As things stand, I can’t imagine anyone believing – with a straight face – that this virus was “accidentally” released. Take a look at the time, for example. What you’re saying is that some “made” virus, paid for by the US, “accidentally” leaked out shortly before the 2020 election. Just in time to derail Trump’s surging economy and flood the country with mail-in ballots, giving the Democrats a chance to “win” with a drooling clown with Alzheimer’s?

If you think this, you are too far gone and brainwashed by propaganda to receive assistance.

We now know that Fauci was complicit in the production of this virus through a process known as “gan of function,” and we know this because of his e-mails.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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