FLASH: Biden Just Talked to an Audience of Fake Actor-Soldiers

Some eagle-eyed onlookers detected something peculiar when Biden spoke to American troops in England.

There were no name tags on any of these troops.

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They wore no ranks and no American flags on their sleeve.

Many people began to wonder if this was indeed a respectable audience.

Is it a welcoming audience of “plants” or actors posing as Biden?

Take a look at some of the objections that have been raised by observers:

Take a peek at the video below.

You’ll note that no one has a name tag or a rank.

@hero.of.none, a TikTok star, provided a great analysis:

These components were missing from the mainstream media footage as well.

This is proof that the video was not manipulated by social media users:

The uniforms are no longer intended to be blank.

In reality, the outfits are designed to make it easy for the soldier to be identified.


By way of name and rank.

The following is an explanation from Military One Source of how insignia on uniforms works:

A military uniform’s stripes and bars denote rank. If you’re new to the military, you already know that rank is important.

While it may take some time to understand everything, having a working understanding right away will make you feel more at ease in the military.

A quick lesson in vocabulary.

You’ll need to know the following terms:

Consider rank to be the organizational structure of the military. The higher the rank, the greater the amount of responsibility.
Insignia: On service members’ uniforms, insignia denotes rank and might contain chevrons, bars, oak leaves, or stars. These are normally worn on a service member’s uniform’s shoulder or collar.
Pay grade: These are administrative designations used to ensure pay parity among military branches. A letter and a number are used to indicate each pay grade. An officer in the first pay grade level, for example, is referred to as an O-1.

Visit the Department of Defense’s exhibition of officer and enlisted insignia to see what these badges look like for each rank in your service branch and to learn the names of each rank.

Again, the outfits do not appear to have any of this insignia in any of the videos.


We’re sure to have some skeptics.

Would Biden actually try to deceive us?


This isn’t the first time, after all.

Remember, he was accused of “speaking” with reporters over a green screen.

The White House tried to explain away the green screen, but no one can explain how Biden’s hands managed to get through the microphones mysteriously.

Below is an example of what appears to be the use of green screen:


Another occurrence occurred when the top of Biden’s head appeared to vanish.

When a greens screen is utilized, this is what normally happens.

What are your thoughts?

Is there a reason why the troops’ clothes are so different?

Is this part of a larger scheme to hide Biden’s mental decline?




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