Fivefold Increase In Illegal Border Crossings Noticed by Arizona Sheriff

Human smugglers and illegal immigrant-crimes are very common in Cochise Country, Arizona states Sheriff Mark Dannels. He observes and tracks the numerous illegal border crossing through his hidden camera on the Mexico border.

The camera captured 1,200 illegal entries only in August 2020. By December 2020, the number has doubled to 2,500. According to the sheriff, politics doesn’t have a business in policing, but it affects the border.

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The new President Joe Biden included some border security measures. The administration of Trump had to conduct them. Some of the measures included temporarily suspending deportations of illegal aliens, changed the ban on travel from terror-prone states, imposed by Former President Donald Trump. Furthermore, halting border wall construction and changes in the immigration package to Congress including amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants are also part of the security measures.

Biden stands for bringing in 25,000 asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico for the immigration case adjudication under the MPP program (Migrant Protection Protocols).

Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House declared:

‘’The president’s view is that the approach of the prior administration was immoral, but also ineffective in terms of addressing the challenge-the many challenges of an outdated immigration system.’’

Dannels claims that the best security at the border we had was over the last few years. The reason why this is so is because of President Donald Trump. And the current president will do the opposite. He asks why they are eliminating all the efforts that Trump put into the border?

His concern is about the sheriffs and that they are going to be sidelined with the Biden administration. Currently, he is in the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Also, he was part of the Biden transition team for border issues, and very optimistic following the meeting for collaboration.

The sheriff claimed that he didn’t take part in the debate about the MPP program’s end, which is the most effective policy.

The Department of Homeland Security on February 19 starts with the transportation of the 25,000 illegal immigrants included in the project.

Dannels claims that it is hypocritical to bring in 25,000 immigrants from Mexico during a health pandemic. Someone has to take care of this question.

This move results in messaging the cartels and smugglers that the border is open for businesses.’

He also added that one month ago immigrants died when the vehicle flipped as they opposed the law enforcement.

This is the best opportunity for the cartels, and they are the only ones smiling.

‘’We’re going to keep doing what’s right, what the oath of office has us to do- and that’s to protect our citizens.’’- Dannels.

Accordingly, the new policies aren’t optimistic. One million illegal immigrants were caught by border agents on the southern border during fiscal 2019.

This year, the sheriff expects hands full of work. Besides, the sheriff claims he has seen various leaderships, with their ideologies, and nowadays the politics have become the leading force. In the end, the local communities are the ones who hurt the most.

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