Female Teen Suffers Fatal Heart Attack Months After Receiving COVID Jab

After thinking they did the right thing, the parents are now completely far from that opinion, devastated and crushed.

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The poor girl died in her sleep, leaving her parents shocked and traumatized…

“A 14-year-old Israeli American girl who suffered from preexisting conditions reportedly passed away back in October five months after having received a single dose of the COVID jab. Now, three months after her passing, her parents have decided to speak out and are urging the public to not give their children the COVID jab” Red Voice Media reported.

“Sarah Jessica Blattner apparently died in her sleep on the evening of October 12th, with her mother taking to Facebook on January 5th to share her story of getting the COVID jab.

Blattner’s mother explained that due to her daughter’s preexisting health conditions, as the young girl was diagnosed with cancer at nine months old but has been cancer-free for 11 years and later developed scoliosis, she thought getting her daughter the COVID jab was the right thing to do.”

“It was important for us to give her the vaccine due to low lung capacity due to scoliosis (spinal curvature) that developed from a young age (because of an oncological disease from which she suffered up to two years old),” she said.

In the days leading up to Blattner’s death in October, she’d began to complain about having “strong heartbeats.”

Just hours before her death, her mum walked into her room at about 4 in the morning, because the girl was troubling with her sleep.

Her mother stated she “covered her in a blanket and stayed with her until she fell asleep. At 8:30 am I walked into her room and she was no longer alive.”

Five days before Blattner passed away, she filmed a video for her YouTube channel that her parents later uploaded to the channel in December, where she spoke about her experience with the COVID jab and losing the ability to walk.

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