Feds Monitoring Social Media For Signs Of ‘Extremist Activity’

This is ahead of the DC Protest on jab mandates, since now, apparently, protesting for your rights and life is considered a way of “extremism”.

Communists to the bone!

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According to numerous reports, federal authorities are monitoring social media for any signals of possible “violence or extremism” regarding a planned rally protesting the likes of COVID jab mandates in D.C. come January 23rd.

“The rally in question is dubbed as “Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming.” The website in relation to the rally doesn’t promote any sort of political leaning, billing the effort as representing “Americans of every class and color. Democrats and Republicans. Vaccinated and unvaccinated. United we stand. In peace we march.”

More specifically, “the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Capitol Police have been circulating intel bulletins in recent days about Defeat the Mandates, but none have listed any sort of credible evidence to suggest that there will indeed be the likes of extremism.”

To be more specific, officials have concerns over the people’s battle that has played out over the past couple of years between COVID mandate advocates and those simply wanting to engage in their respective freedoms.

“Although there are no plans for participants to visit the White House, should the group turn disruptive or violent, the White House may be a target as protesters see many of the vaccine and mask-wearing mandates as being commanded by the Biden Administration,” the aforementioned USCP bulletin proclaims.

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