Federal Contractors Will Have Increased Flexibility In Enforcing Biden’s Vaccine Mandates In Their Workplace

According to the latest guidance released by the White House at the very beginning of this month, federal contractors will have significant freedom in the process of implementation of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

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Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Airlines, IBM, UPS, and a dozen of others in the same field, that employ millions of Americans, will have significant flexibility and freedom in the process of implementation of the Dem’s pressured vaccine mandates.

The guidance was released on the Safer Federal Workforce website.

“A covered contractor should determine the appropriate means of enforcement with respect to its employee at a covered contractor workplace who refuses to be vaccinated and has not been provided or does not have a pending request for, an accommodation,” according to the guidelines.

Federal contractors have no option to be tested, and the only way by which workers can opt-out is by seeking a medical or religious exemption.

“Covered contractors are expected to comply with all requirements set forth in their contract,” the White House said. “Where covered contractors are working in good faith and encounter challenges with compliance with COVID-19 workplace safety protocols, the agency contracting officer should work with them to address these challenges.

“If a covered contractor is not taking steps to comply, significant actions, such as termination of the contract, should be taken.”

And a federal agency “may determine that a covered contractor employee who refuses to be vaccinated in accordance with a contractual requirement pursuant to [Biden’s executive order] will be denied entry to a Federal workplace, consistent with the agency’s workplace safety protocols,” it said.

For workers who don’t want to get the vaccine, “a limited period of counseling and education, followed by additional disciplinary measures” may be necessary, according to the White House. “Removal occurs only after continued noncompliance.”

The guidance also lays out requirements for federal employees and contractors to provide proof of vaccination and says “an attestation of
vaccination by the covered contractor employee is not an acceptable substitute for documentation of proof of vaccination.”

“These processes play out across weeks, not days,” COVID 19 response coordinator of the White House, Jack Zients said about a week ago. “And so, to be clear, we’re creating flexibility within the system. We’re offering people multiple opportunities to get vaccinated. There is not a cliff here.”

However, there is always an opposed opinion. About 10 attorneys general in Republican-led states filed a legal complaint against the Biden administration’s federal contractor mandate, arguing that the move is tantamount to a “power grab” and would imperil the U.S. economy.

What do you think about this Government’s move?


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