Fed Election Commission Votes Allow Foreigners To Fund Local USA Ballot Initiatives And Congress Redistricting Efforts!

AXIOS shared this shocking report which revealed that during the summer, the FES voted to allow foreign donors, including individuals, companies, and Governments, to fund committees that handle local US ballot initiatives.

It’s unbelievable that someone has decided this and paved the way for any well-funded foreigner to influence the key referenda like congressional redistricting.

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Before the Axios report emerged this week, the July ruling was unknown to the public and even to most lawmakers.

The commission passed the order with a 4-2 vote to dismiss a 2018 complaint about the foreign money spent on a Montana ballot initiative, and they are citing a bogus technically to get around US laws that stop the foreigners from affecting our elections.

Ballot measures don’t represent elections technically, so the traditional election financing laws don’t apply.

The rule applies to federal law. And now, some individual states will specifically outlaw foreign funding through their legislature to protect the sovereignty of the elections.

There are only seven states that have done like this.

Rep. Mike Gallagher criticized the decision and called it “shortsighted and dangerous.”

He emphasized that there are no guardrails that would stop the USA’s hostile foes from gaining a foothold in important state-level measures. It promises that adversaries like China will take advantage of this loophole.

“In America, it is illegal for foreign entities to donate to American politicians or campaigns. That is for good reason: you don’t want a foreign country meddling in our political process. For example, you don’t want the Chinese Communist party throwing a bunch of cash around trying to influence US political outcomes, which they’re already doing by hiring former US Senators [and] former Members of the House to lobby on behalf of their state directed companies. 

The FEC is further opening the floodgates to foreign money to come into our political process by making it legal for foreign money to fund ballot referenda, which may include things like congressional redistricting.

This is shortsighted and dangerous. if you open this little crack, I can guarantee you that the Chinese Communist Party will take advantage of it.

This is crazy and should be illegal, but I digress because we are actually going beyond that.”

Rep. Gallagher called on the FEC to reverse their decision, but because they are unlikely to do so, he implored every state to pass their laws to stop foreign donors from contributing to our elections.

“We do not want foreign money flooding into our political system, so the FEC should reverse this decision. But failing that we need states to outlaw. 

The last thing we need is to allow foreign adversaries like China or Russia an opportunity to throw a bunch of money into our political process and further corrupt career politicians who are just looking for an easy buck.”

Even MSNBC called this ruling terrifying and jaw-dropping.

The swamp creatures located at the FEX are the partisan crooks who eliminated the fraud evidence from the 2020 election and stated that the election was the most “secure election in history.”

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