FEATURED During A Live Broadcast, A TV Reporter Gets Hit By A Car!

Though, it was nothing serious or she was a really “hard nut” to recover from the hit and continue her report.

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Young reporter Tori Yorgey, of NBC Huntington, West Virginia station WSAZ was on the scene of a Dunbar water main break when the event occurred on Wednesday night.

When a vehicle pulls up behind her and hits her in the rear, she is facing the camera. In amazement, Yorgey yanks himself forward and exclaims, “Oh my God. A car struck me, but I’m OK; my camera fell on the ground!”


“That’s live television for you! ” “Then she adds with a smile. “Everything is fine! In college, I was involved in a similar accident when I was struck by a vehicle. Oh my my, I’m so relieved!

Recovering gracefully, Yorgey repairs the camera and lights, then resumes reporting on her water break. An apology can be heard from the motorist that struck her on the video, and she responds, “Ma’am, you’re a sweetheart and you’re OK.”

She truly lives by the motto “news never stops”, right?

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