FDA With The Latest Data On Pfizer’s Shot Side Effects

If you Google ‘’adverse reactions to the vaccine,’’ you will be shocked by the results. The alliance between big tech, the MSM, and the government to hide the side effects from the C-19 shot is petrifying.

It is like Aldous Huxley’s description in ‘’Brave New World’’ – ‘’ A technocratic society in which technology and scientific ‘experts’ are used to censor all information—the final revolution so to speak.’’

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The information available to the public makes them think that the vaccines are safe and effective, as there aren’t any side effects of their usage.

The people who are sleeping have to wake up. They have to concentrate on the great lie and expose it!

The latest data shows that the CDC details 160,000 side effects only from the Pfizer jab. But, this isn’t the worst part; the worst part is that these are only the reported cases, but many adverse reactions haven’t been reported.

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Zero Hedge reported:

They filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FDA asking for their release. And the first tranche of documents revealed that, as of February 2021, when Pfizer’s shot was being rolled out worldwide on an emergency basis, the drugmaker had compiled more than 42K case reports detailing nearly 160K individual adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Children’s Health Defense also covered this story:

The website cites data aggregated by the CICP as of Nov. 1, the most recent date for which information regarding such claims is available as of this writing.

CICP did not reveal the terms of the compensation.

Confirmation of the claim comes almost a year after distribution of the vaccines began and after 965,843 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (as of Dec. 10).


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