FDA Vaccine Officials Resigned To Save Themselves From Crimes Against Humanity As WH, CDC Commit GENOCIDE!

We were happy to see that two FDA officials resigned their jobs because they couldn’t be part of the crimes against humanity.

At the beginning of this week, they resigned, sharing the horrible fact that the WH, CDC, and UN have conspired to lock the FDA out of vaccine approval decisions.

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It seems that the vaccine fraud is exposed and done by the Biden regime.

Dr. Marion Gruber, a director of the US FDA vaccines’ office, and her deputy, Dr. Philip Krause, resigned, saying that the WH and CDC were pushing booster shots without the needed supporting data.

But, they shared that they know about the crimes against the genocidal vaccine mass murderers. They don’t want to have anything to do with these crimes, nor to be on the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

CHC reported: Gruber and Krause were upset about the Biden administration’s recent announcement that adults should get a COVID booster eight months after they received a second shot, people familiar with the decision told The New York Times.

Neither believed there was enough data to justify offering booster shots yet, the sources said, and both viewed the announcement, amplified by President Biden, as pressure on the FDA to authorize them quickly.

Red Cross claimed that vaccinated people couldn’t be blood donors because the vaccine destroys the antibodies.

Red Cross announced that the vaccinated people couldn’t donate blood because the vaccine would destroy the antibodies needed.

Take a look at the following video:

Red Cross explained:

If you receive any COVID vaccine, you cannot donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross. One of the Red Cross requirements for plasma from routine blood and platelet donations that test positive for high levels of antibodies to be used as convalescent plasma is that it must be from a donor that has not received a COVID-19 vaccine. This is to ensure that antibodies collected from donors have sufficient antibodies directly related to their immune response to a COVID-19 infection and not just the vaccine, as antibodies from infection and antibodies from a vaccine are not the same.

Vaccines are pathogens themselves and are attacking healthy cell tissue.

The Epoch Times reporter that the antibodies produced from the COVID-19 vaccine are pathogenic.

See what The Epoch Times reported: The researchers’ data suggests that at least two antibodies that target the spike protein that enables the COVID-19 virus to enter human cells are “pathogenic,”—meaning these antibodies create illness all by themselves.

As the researchers expected, two of the antibodies bound firmly to damaged lung cells—and one of those bound firmly to healthy cells as well. In fact, the antibody that could bind to healthy human lung cells, REGN10987, killed nearly half the pups.

“This is a very troubling finding,” says Zoey O’Toole, a vaccine safety advocate who has a background in physics and engineering and who reviewed the study carefully. “It should give anyone pause, especially pregnant women.”

We have one podcast that you might want to watch it. It is a little bit hilarious about the Winos vs. Dracula, but it is excellent.

Take a look at the podcast.

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