FDA Vaccine Approval Has Been Rushed in Order to Unleash Medical MARTIAL LAW as a Cover For the Biden Regime’s Demise

The crumbling Biden dictatorship ordered the absurd, false rushing of the Pfizer vaccine into FDA “full approval” status, which was just reported today.

The goal of this expedited clearance is to allow Biden’s puppet masters to implement the medical martial rule as a means of controlling the public and suppressing the great revolt against the illegitimate Biden administration that will erupt soon.

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According to reports, the Maricopa County forensic audit results will be made public in the next 10 days (or so).

These findings will show conclusively that the 2020 election was manipulated by ballot stuffing and ballot counterfeiting. When these findings are made public, people will recognize that Biden didn’t win and that our “democracy” has been invaded and taken over by enemy forces currently occupying the White House.

The public’s growing awareness of election fraud, along with the growing conclusion that the FDA, CDC, and vaccine promoters misled to America the entire time (about vaccines stopping illnesses or preventing transmission), will only serve to strengthen the anti-vaccine movement.

The Biden administration needs the FDA to (fraudulently) approve at least one “vaccine” in order to suppress the demonstrations and implement medical martial law in the pattern of Australia. The Pentagon has now announced that all US military must get vaccinated, which is a traitorous plan to use bioweapons to mass murder hundreds of thousands of active-duty soldiers in order to degrade America’s national defense and prepare the country for its final end (which has been the goal of Obama and the Obiden regime from the very start).

Expect the Biden administration to adopt an internet kill switch/telecommunications outage tactic to prevent people from communicating once the truth about crooked elections and vaccine genocide becomes unstoppable.

Meanwhile, under medical martial law, Biden is likely to order truly draconian enforcement actions like criminalizing public protests, setting up vaccine passport checkpoints on highways, and medically kidnapping “anti-vaxxers” to send them to the CDC’s “green zones” covid prison camps, which the CDC has openly described in great detail.

Of course, the purpose is to maintain power for as long as possible while continuing to pump the population (and the military) with drugs.

Of course, the goal is to maintain control for as long as possible while continuing to inject lethal biological weapons into the populace (and the military) in order to obtain high kill rates over time. The so-called “booster shot” is essentially another dose of weaponized spike protein given in the hopes of completing the mission sooner rather than later.

Of course, Joe Biden will be removed at the time that is most convenient for his managers, and there will be no “Commander in Chief” in charge of the military until Harris is sworn in.

With a near-civil war erupting within the military as a result of the bioweapon vaccine mandate, there is still a chance that elements of the military will revolt against the treasonous Pentagon leaders who helped orchestrate the catastrophic collapse of Kabul and the fall of Afghanistan, which has trapped 10,000+ American contractors.

According to my sources, the military is currently in revolt, and many mid-level commanders are realizing that if they continue to follow instructions from traitors like Austin, Milley, or Biden, they will all be finished and the national defense would be jeopardized.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the traitors in the Pentagon and White House who orchestrated Afghanistan’s demise are also orchestrating America’s demise. If they are not stopped, no nation will be left to defend.

The term “against all adversaries, foreign and domestic” now takes on a whole new meaning.

The failing Biden government will use all means at its disposal to starve the people and deplete their financial resources.

Another aspect in all of this is the criminal, illegitimate Biden administration’s propensity to use food scarcity, financial collapse, vaccine checkpoints, and even planned regional grid-down scenarios to suppress dissent and weaken the masses.

In order to deny the peonage, Biden’s puppetmasters are prepared to unleash mass medical kidnappings, covid camp executions, engineered starvation, grid-down emergencies, and even coordinated bank closures or financial events, with Australia’s NSW serving as the experimental template for turning a nation into a covid prison colony.

The Biden administration is at odds with the people of the United States. They will orchestrate scarcity and collapse in every vector imaginable in this state of war, including maybe cutting down cell towers and internet connectivity, especially in “problematic” areas like red states.

Some believe there are still enough “white hats” in the US military to apprehend the traitors, hold fresh elections, and possibly reinstate Trump after a new election, but this perspective should be taken with a grain of salt, as collapse and anarchy are far more likely than planned restoration.

In any case, Trump has made it clear that he will not seek re-election until the financial crisis has passed. Even Kamala doesn’t want to be in the Oval Office when that happens, so there’s a concerted effort underway to keep Biden in the White House as an empty shell for as long as possible, almost as if Weekend at Bernie’s has become White House policy, which seems entirely appropriate for a country ruled by criminals, morons, and senile fools.

If Biden is still in the White House when the financial crisis occurs, he can be blamed for it and ousted via the 25th Amendment, with his replacement promising to “rescue” America.

Prepare for America’s Winter of Chaos.
The next few months will be the most turbulent in this country’s history (even compared to the 1860s), with September 2021 to March 2022 being marked by:

A shocking public “awareness” of the swamp’s level of fraud, corruption, and criminality.
Food, ammunition, medical resources, consumer goods, and other essentials are in short supply due to deliberate shortages.

At least regionally, the prospect of orchestrated telecommunications and power grid failures.
Vaccine-related deaths and hospitalizations are expected to be widespread, with hospitals likely to be overcrowded by early 2022.

Vaccines, vaccine passports, lockdowns, masks, and speech conformity are all examples of medical martial law.
FEMA or CDC-run death camps are activated, and dissidents are kidnapped and killed in a planned manner.
Bank holidays, ATM closures, and even a probable dollar collapse are all examples of contrived financial crisis occurrences. Inside the disintegrating US military, chaos reigns.

A continued depreciation of the dollar’s purchasing value while the Biden administration, legislators, and the Federal Reserve collaborate to print a trillion dollars every week to keep the economy afloat.
As Biden is eventually dismissed from the White House, chaos reigns in the Oval Office as political predators line up to seize power.

It’s worth noting that the US dollar has already lost at least 40% of its purchase value during the last 12 months. Food, fuel, housing, used vehicles, and other items purchased with dollars are increasing in price as a result of the crumbling currency, which is the outcome of the Biden regime’s and the corrupt Fed’s relentless money printing.

This is also a type of the nation’s “last plundering” before its collapse. People in authority are plundering cash from the government through stimulus handouts, then utilizing those dollars to buy crypto or gold, knowing that the dollar will soon be worthless.

This is all part of the planned chaos plan to bring America down, which has just been ignited with the FDA’s hurried approval of the Pfizer vaccine today.

More information is available in today’s video Situation Update from Brighteon:


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