FDA Secretly Disclosed: 21 People Died During Pfizer’s Vaccines Trials, NOT 15!

The latest data shows that the individuals who got jabbed with Pfizer in the clinical trials died in larger numbers than those reported by the FDA.

The FDA quietly released a statement where they corrected themselves that 21 people died in the Pfizer shot clinical trials, not 15 as they initially reported.

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On November 8, the FDA shared a 30-page report titled “Summary Basis for Regulatory Action” to share the rationale behind approving the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. The information shared that 21 vaccinated people died from November 2020 to March 2021 due to the vaccine’s side effects.

Initially, the FDA reported that 15 people died, but they quietly corrected the mistake later.

“Pfizer said publicly in July it had found 15 deaths among vaccine recipients by mid-March. But it told the FDA there were 21 – at the same data cutoff end date, March 13,” wrote Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter.

“Could the discrepancy result from some odd data lag? Maybe, but the FDA briefing book also contains the number of Covid cases that Pfizer found in vaccine recipients in the trial. Those figures are EXACTLY the same as those Pfizer posted publicly in July. Yet the death counts were different,” he added.

“Pfizer somehow miscounted – or publicly misreported, or both – the number of deaths in one of the most important clinical trials in the history of medicine.”

To make things worse, the FDA’s safety stated that there were 21 deaths in the group of 22.000 people who got the shot and 17 death in the placebo group of 22.000 who got a benign saline shot. The latest data shows that people who received Pfizer’s treatment died in larger numbers than those who didn’t,

The experimental shots are still approved and distributed worldwide, ready for application.

Because of the discrepancy between Pfizer’s data and FDA’s data, the cause of death after the jab is only known for 15 of the 21 subjects who died.

From the 15 post-vaccine deaths with a known cause, sic of them involved cardiac-linked events. Regarding the unvaccinated placebo group, only two people died from cardiac-linked events.

“Were the extra [6] deaths cardiac-related? It is impossible to know,” Berenson stated.

“The FDA did not report any additional details of the deaths, saying only that none ‘were considered related to vaccination,'” he continued.

“But with tens of thousands of post-vaccine deaths now reported in the United States and Europe – and overall non-Covid death rates now running well above normal in many countries – a fresh look at that vague reassurance cannot happen soon enough.”

Bolstering Berenson’s argument, data from the WHO, the EU, and VAERS shared that there were millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths linked to the vaccines, which represents a higher number than all other vaccines together since 1990.

Also, the list of FDA-recognized side effects has been prolonged from severe anaphylactic reactions to include deadly thrombotic events, myocarditis, pericarditis, and Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Another fact to increase the concern is the recent data shared by England and Wales. They reported a whopping 37% increase in non-coronavirus-linked death in the past 18 months. Also, there was a staggering 30% increase in unexplained deaths among male teenagers aged 15-19.

All data that we currently have about C-19 show that the vaccines are experimental, and the clinical trials won’t be completed until 2023.

A group of doctors filed a lawsuit to get the FDA’s complete data profile about the Pfizer shot, but the agency denied the request for transparency and requested the judge to delay the data release until 2076, 55 years from now!

It is difficult to imagine a greater need for transparency than immediate disclosure of the documents relied upon by the FDA to license a product that is now being mandated to over 100 million Americans under penalty of losing their careers, their income, their military service status, and far worse,” the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Aaron Siri, wrote in their suit.

“The FDA’s promise of transparency is, to put it mildly, a pile of illusions,” Siri wrote in a statement on Substack.

“Who does the government work for?”

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