Once FDA Approval is Obtained, Fauci Anticipates a Slew of Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Doom is sometimes correct, and sometimes he isn’t. He can be political at times… He is, after all, mostly political. And a hypocrite under a mask. But he’s probably right about 80% of the time on this.

Dr. Anthony Fauci told USA TODAY’s editorial board on Friday that as soon as the Food and Drug Administration gives complete approval to a COVID-19 vaccine, there would be “a deluge” of vaccine mandates at businesses and schools across the country.

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Mandates are unlikely at the federal level, but he predicts that vaccine approval will embolden numerous groups.

“Organizations, businesses, companies, and colleges who have been hesitant to mandate at the local level will feel a lot more secure,” he said.

“They can say, ‘You have to get vaccinated if you want to come to this institution or university.’ You must get immunized in order to work at this plant. You must be vaccinated if you wish to work in this industry. You must get vaccinated if you wish to work in this hospital.’

On this, he is unquestionably correct. Once the EPA approves the vaccines, many companies and private entities will be looking into vaccine mandates. It’s unclear whether that means “get it or you’re out” or “get it or you’ll be subject to weekly/bi-weekly testing.”

All of that comes to a stop if you receive EPA permission. In terms of the federal level, Fauci is incorrect, as the Department of Defense is already contemplating, and the White House requires all guests to be vaccinated. They’ve also mandated that international tourists be immunized or screened. The federal government, from the White House to Congressional Democrats to the CDC and others, will undoubtedly press for a vaccine mandate in schools and private enterprises.

Because that won’t happen in the current political climate, Fauci says masks are the next best thing. Schools are critical for children’s emotional health as well as their intellectual, physical, and social development, hence they must remain open.

“I’d rather have a child who is slightly uncomfortable with a mask on and is healthy than a child who is comfortable without a mask in an ICU,” he said. “It just doesn’t make sense to me why you wouldn’t want to safeguard the children,” says the author.

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