FBI WOKE! They Launched A Program Based On CRT To Teach Agents To Deconstruct Their Own Identities!

They’re saying that they don’t target the parents who disagree with the CRT. The FBI is whole WOKE and released a training program based on critical race theory that the bureau hopes will get agents to think about what role intersectionality plays in their professional and personal lives.

Documents provided by Manhattan Institute’s Chris Rufo present the program and show that it was set up by the FBI’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. They want to educate FBI employees on how they can deconstruct their own identities.

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The program’s objectives are stated to “Define ‘Intersectionality’ and review the history of the term; Reflect on identity and engage with our own intersections; Discuss the role of intersectionality in our work; Learn tips and tricks for increasing inclusion in the workplace.”

The program will break the eight characteristics of a person deemed to be the most important by the FBI. Fox News reported that these characteristics are: “Race/Ethnicity,” “Gender,” “Sexual Orientation,” “Ability,” “Religion,” “Age,” “Education,” and “Social Class.”

With the program, the participants are asked different questions about aspects of their identity.

The program ends by showing the participants how inclusion can be practiced in the workplace. That followed after NSBA lettered Biden, asking his admin to treat parent protests at the school board as domestic terrorism.

“I am what a domestic terrorist looks like?” questioned Asra Nomani, vice president of investigations and strategy at Parents Defending Education. “You owe parents an apology!”

The left wants to brainwash the population and the youngsters with the CRT. They want to impact national security by wasting the time of the FBI agents on this nonsense.


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