FBI Releases Documents on Investigation Into Seth Rich’s Death

The FBI has released 68 pages related to a DNC worker who was shot and killed in Washington in 2016, including an investigation report that seems to say anyone was responsible for his death.

On July 16, 2016, the worker, Seth Rich, was shot and killed near his home in the nation’s capital in the early morning hours.

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The murder, which remains unsolved, sparked widespread media attention, particularly after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed that Rich was the person who gave WikiLeaks internal DNC emails. The idea that Rich leaked documents to Wikileaks has been dismissed by Rich’s family as a conspiracy theory.

According to newly released documents, top Justice Department officials met in 2018 to investigate Rich’s murder. They looked at Rich’s financial statements and found no suspicious deposits or withdrawals.

Furthermore, none of the witnesses questioned during the investigation mentioned anything suspicious about Rich’s life prior to the murder to the authorities.

One witness saw a person walking away from the scene of Rich’s death, but assumed Rich was just drunk and did not call the cops. When they noticed a bloodstain on the ground in the same location the next day, as well as police tape covering the scene, they knew something terrible had happened.

According to one of the newly released records, Rich’s personal laptop was sent to his home by an individual whose name was omitted. Authorities were also unaware whether the individual removed or modified something on Rich’s personal laptop, according to the page.

Rich’s work laptop was obtained by the FBI, according to the bureau’s previous announcement.

“Given [redacted], it is conceivable that a person or group would want to pay for his death,” according to another page.

Ty Clevenger, a prosecutor, told The Epoch Times, “It doesn’t sound like a spontaneous street robbery.”

According to news reports, law enforcement authorities believe Rich was the victim of an attempted robbery, but none of his belongings were taken. They say there is no evidence linking Rich’s employment with the Democratic National Committee to the shooting.

Clevenger represents Texas resident Brian Huddleston, and the documents were released this week in a complaint brought on his behalf.

Huddleston sued the FBI after the bureau informed him in June 2020 that responding to his Freedom of Information Act request would take 8 to 10 months. Huddleston demanded that the FBI hand over any and all data, papers, records, or communications relating to Seth Rich or his brother, Aaron Rich.

The FBI has refused to comment on the complaint. Rich’s parents’ lawyers did not respond to requests for comment.

Clevenger expressed concern about the government’s apparent lack of knowledge about what was removed from Rich’s personal laptop.

Although the records were heavily censored, the material that did make it through “shows that their whole narrative is crumbling,” he said. “It’s a step in the right direction,” says the author.

The lawyer intends to ask Obama nominee U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant to produce unredacted copies for his review. Any redactions may be ruled illegal by the court.

Defendants can also face consequences if they do not provide all of the documentation requested.

In a court filing this week, U.S. Attorney Andrea Parker, who represents the FBI, stated that the bureau can only process 500 pages per month for each Freedom of Information Act request. She requested that the court grant the bureau more time to produce all necessary documents.

In a separate filing, Clevenger told the judge that the private sector regularly handles 500 pages or more every day, and that the government should be given no more than two weeks to generate the remaining 1,063 pages.


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