Fauci’s Fake News: In 1983 Accuses Children of Spreading AIDS

During the 1980s AIDS crisis, Anthony Fauci, a rising star in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) bureaucracy, promoted a false and unscientific hypothesis that children could spread the disease within their families through close contact. According to Great Game India, the media rapidly spread this disinformation, causing a national media frenzy and public hysteria.

On May 6, 1983, Fauci published an article in JAMA Network, the American Medical Association’s monthly open-access medical journal, in which he promulgated this false theory about a newly discovered little-known syndrome.

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He also mentioned in that article that the journal had published a study documenting one of the first cases of immunodeficiency disease in an infant in the same issue, increasing “the possibility that routine close contact, such as within a family home, may spread the disease.”

“Researchers conclude the disease can be transmitted by sexual contact and blood transfusions. However, “if non-sexual, non-blood transmission is plausible, the magnitude of the syndrome may be enormous,” Fauci continued, “AIDS takes on a whole new dimension,” fueling confusion and alarm by placing a more theoretical spin on his hypothesis.

The media jumped on Fauci’s claims and took action almost immediately.

Fauci’s hypothesis was deceptive, unsupported, and quickly debunked. It was discovered that the infant infection described in JAMA, on which he based his theory, involved vertical transmission from mother to child during pregnancy. Furthermore, HIV, the virus later connected to the cause of AIDS, is only transmitted through contact with contaminated bodily fluids, such as blood, or through sexual contact, according to medical and scientific consensus.

However, the damage had already been done. Hundreds of newspapers published Fauci’s deceptive hypothesis, and the media vigorously worked to raise awareness about the spread of AIDS through everyday communication.

Fears of transmission by simple touch, which were unfounded, became one of the most damaging blunders of the entire AIDS crisis.

Making a comparison to the COVID-19 crisis, also known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP Virus). Several details indicate that Fauci is a manipulation strategist who uses deception to achieve goals related to his financial interests.

TheBL commented on one of these related facts in an article revealing how Fauci admittedly tricked Americans into having vaccines without providing supporting scientific evidence or prior correctly validated studies. He is said to be paid a large fee on vaccine sales.


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