Fauci Was Confused Due To The Suggestion He Resign Because Americans Don’t Trust Him!

Fauci has a very high ego!

Even though he is flip-flopping on every C-19 problem, he thinks America must trust him and follow his advice. Most Americans don’t trust him, and they won’t listen to what he says.

Critical thinkers say that Fauci was never a person to trust!

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His corruption starts with the HIV epidemic and the usage of AZT to treat his patients. Then, we have the C-19 pandemic and its handling. He was constantly changing the guidelines, reaching herd immunity, and criticizing natural immunity, so he lost the Americans’ trust.

However, he doesn’t want to take responsibility!

Trending Politics reported this:

“This is difficult for me, but I want to run down for your benefit. The controversies since the virus started include the botched testing at the beginning, no research on masks for children in primary care, the J & J pause, the controversy over the use or non-use of Ivermectin, and there was no study yet completed,” Hewitt said. “The no discussion of natural immunity which exists and ought to be out there, the discussion of herd immunity which has switched back and forth, the mask discussion at the begging, don’t wear masks, the noble lie and then wear masks, now equity issues in the FDA panel’s scientific discussion.”

“I’ve lost confidence in the CDC and the FDA. And I actually believe a lot of Americans, a significant part of America, now have lost confidence in you, Dr. Fauci. Is there a point where you will say I do more harm than good because people don’t listen to me anymore and step aside?” Hewitt questioned.

Hear his response in the video below:

He made a mistake and asked, “are you kidding me” with the notion that Americans aren’t getting the vaccine because of him. Hewitt asked Fauci If he ever stepped aside to get vaccination rates increased.

According to Fauci, he isn’t a problem.

Watch the interview:

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