Fauci Under Fire Because Of THIS Advice He Shared With Biden On The New C-19 Mutation!

Dr. Fauci is the world recorder in sharing the worst coronavirus advice. What he says has two outcomes; the first one is that it has zero sense, and no one would understand, or it will be proven false within months, maybe weeks.

The latest nonsense he shared was with Biden’s backstory on his (racist) acceptable travel ban on South Africa and seven other African countries.

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Biden shared that Fauci told him not to implement the ban once the new Omicron variant emerged in Botswana.

“President Biden said Friday that he delayed implementation of a new ban on travel from southern Africa on the advice of his medical advisers, who are led by Dr. Anthony Fauci,” the NY Post reported.

One reporter asked the President why the emergency precaution was delayed until Monday?

“Why not do it now as other countries have done?” Biden was asked in Nantucket.

“Because that was the recommendation coming from my medical team,” he replied. Dr. Fauci.

“We don’t know a lot about the variant except that it is of great concern, and it seems to spread rapidly — and I spent about a half-hour this morning with my COVID team led by Dr. Fauci, and that was the decision we made,” Biden added.

This wasn’t the first time Fauci and Biden were wrong about travel restrictions from nations that are a threat.

Moreover, Biden accused Trump of hysteria and fear-mongering.

And, Biden mocked former President Donald Trump because he built a wall to stop C-19 contagious immigrants from entering the country. But, Biden ruined the wall.

A reporter with Outkick emphasized that Trump racist trended after the China travel ban, yet, no similar Biden racist trend came after the Africa travel ban.

Dr. Fauci opposed a travel ban on China at the time when Trump was the President, but now he has changed his mind.

“That would create a lot of disruption economically and otherwise, and it wouldn’t necessarily have a positive effect,” Fauci said about Trump’s proposed China travel ban at their Jan. 24 meeting.

“There is always the possibility of doing what the UK has done, namely block travel from South Africa and related countries,” Fauci said in a Friday interview on CNN.

“That’s certainly something you think about and get prepared to do. You’re prepared to do everything you need to protect the American public. But you want to make sure there’s a basis for doing that,” he added.

“Obviously, as soon as we find out more information, we’ll make a decision as quickly as we possibly can.”
Fauci thinks that the mutation Omicron is already in the US. This level of incompetence in our experts is one of the main reasons why the C-19 pandemic is still among us.

“If all things go the way we want them to go … and we get really the overwhelming majority of the people vaccinated, I think as we get into the fall and the winter, we could start to really get some good control over this as we get into 2022,” Fauci said during an Aug. 23 interview with NPR.

New Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency over the new variation, Omicron, so it will give her unwarranted authoritarian powers, even though they are zero such cases in NY.

“Biden seemed to have a poor grasp on the travel rules,” the Post reported. “He misstated the number of countries impacted and said the policy would bar people traveling ‘to and from the region, despite official releases only noting restrictions on travel from — but not to — southern Africa.”

“I’ve decided that we’re going to be cautious and make sure there is no travel to and from South Africa and six other countries in that region, except for American citizens who are able to come back,” Biden said.

The eight countries covered by the ban are Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe.

“Biden also attempted to reassure spooked financial markets,” the Post added. “He called a steep drop in stock values during the holiday weekend-shortened session ‘expected’ because of prior drops after poor pandemic news and said he was ‘not at all worried.”

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