Fauci Announced: Unvaccinated Individuals Can’t Travel By Plane!

Fauci shared that he would try to implement his intentions, that the unvaccinated Americans can’t travel by plane, and they will be barred from public schools as well.

“I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people, that you should be vaccinated,” stated Dr. Fauci.

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He added that America needs to reach herd immunity, and the overwhelming portion of the population needs to get the shot.

“If we do it in the next six months, it’ll happen in the next six months. If we do it in the next two months, it’ll happen in the next two months,” Fauci said.

Daily Mail reported: ‘’He also expressed his support for a vaccine mandate in public schools, citing that schools have required for students to get vaccinated against infectious diseases for ‘decades and decades.’’’

‘I don’t know what school you went to, but the school that I went to, you had to be vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, polio, or otherwise, you couldn’t go to school. So it is not something new to mandate vaccine for school children.’’ Added Fauci.

Scott Gottlieb, the ex-FDA chief, shared that the EUA for Pfizer for children from 5 to 11 can be done in weeks. Dr. Fauci shared that Biden’s decision to mandate the vaccine for every company with more than 100 people was great, and he supports it.

This Friday, the doctor even suggested more intense options.

‘The president is somewhat moderate in his demand if you want to call it that,’ Fauci told CNN. ‘There are some people who really don’t want to get vaccinated, but they don’t want to lose their job.’’

‘You’ve got to give them an off-lane. And the off-lane is that if you get tested frequently enough and find out you’re positive, you won’t come to work, and you won’t infect other people. It really is somewhat of a compromise there.’’ Fauci continued.

Companies that didn’t respect Biden’s order will face penalties that could reach $14,000 for every violation. It will affect more than 80M workers.

Many people criticized Fauci’s decisions and suggestions.

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