Father Who Forced Pedophile To DIG HIS OWN Grave Found NOT GUILTY Of Murder!

The Russian father who found out that his best friend sexually abused his daughter took the matter into his hands.

A dad from the village of Pribezhnoye in Russia discovered that his friend sexually assaulted his daughter.

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He took the friend Oleg Sviridov 32 into the woods and forced him to dig his grave. The father wanted to scare Oleg, but he got a knife and stabbed himself to death.

Once Sviridov died, the father buried him and got arrested for murder.

Justice has prevailed, and the father was free from charges and found not guilty of murder. Now he faces a charge of “inciting a person to suicide or attempted suicide by threats or abuse,’’ which is a maximum of 6 years in prison and a minimum of no prison time served.

The US Sun reported:

A DAD who forced his paedo pal to dig his own grave after he raped his six-year-old daughter will NOT be charged with murder.

The father was accused of knifing friend Oleg Sviridov in a furious revenge killing after discovering graphic footage on his pal’s mobile phone of him sexually abusing his daughter.

The 34-year-old was suspected of stabbing Sviridov, 32, to death in a Russian forest after making him dig his own grave.

He originally faced a murder investigation – but has now been told this has been dropped, sources close to the case say.

In a landmark decision, he will instead face prosecution for inciting Sviridov to take his own life, which carries a lesser sentence than murder.

Loud With Crowder covered this story:

Should a father who finds out his best friend is sexually abusing his daughter be charged with murder if he takes matters into his own hands? I suppose we can have a debate about it. I don’t think so. And, as it turns out, in the case of one father in Pribrezhnoye, a village in the Samara region of Russia, the court doesn’t believe he should either.

After discovering videos on his friend Oleg Sviridov’s cell phone, the father took Sviridov out into the woods before forcing him to dig his own shallow grave. Now, he maintains that he did this just to scare him, to convince him to turn himself into the police. But during the event, as described by the father, Oleg attempted to attack the father, and in the course of the altercation, took a knife from the man and stabbed himself in the chest after he “realized he had nothing to live for.”

The disgusting pedophile was plopped into the grave and buried, and the father brought the cell phone with the abuse footage to the police, only later admitting to the fight and burying Oleg.

The father will not be charged with Oleg’s murder. Rather, he is being charged with “inciting a person to suicide or attempted suicide by threats or abuse,” which The Sun reports carries a maximum sentence of six years, “but often also leads to non-custodial punishments.”


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