Famous Australian Journalist: ‘I Have Pericarditis Due to Pfizer Vaccine’

The renowned Australian journalist didn’t give up on his life mission, to report the truth, and he was writing about his situation and condition directly from the hospital bed!

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According to Daily Mail,

“Denham Hitchcock, a well-known Australian journalist, and broadcaster, had to be rushed to hospital for a heart condition after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus (or COVID-19). The current senior reporter for Channel Seven’s documentary unit reported that he has pericarditis—inflammation of a tissue that protects and surrounds the heart. Hitchcock sent a message from the hospital stating that the condition was caused by his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.”

He wrote his truth-revealing message on his personal Instagram profile.

“I’ve battled over whether to send this post from a hospital or not. But decided after 27 years of being a journalist whose primary goal is to discover the truth—it would be hypocritical not to.”

Hitchcock made the release from his hospital bed at Gold Coast University Hospital on Thursday morning, 25 days after receiving the first dose


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