FAKE TAPPER: Jake Tapper Caught LYING About CNN Guest Bookings!

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik revealed the lie of CNN’s Jake Tapper about who he’d book for his shows. Everything happened on Friday.

She tweeted a couple of emails from Tapper’s booking team, where they tried to get the Congresswoman on his show.

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“Shot… chaser, chaser, chaser,” wrote Stefanik in reference to the four photos she posted. “Drink up. @jaketapper! You’ll need it with your plummeting rating.”

Stefanik pointed out numerous times that Tapper’s team tried to get her on State of the Union. In her post, you can see a screenshot of a Politico article (June 4), where Tapper said that he wouldn’t have Republicans who push election fraud on his show.

Sen. Josh Hawley’s press secretary announced that his show had already asked Hawley to attend 18 times opposite Tapper’s claims.

“It’s not a policy, but it’s a philosophy where I just don’t want to deal with it,” Tapper told Kara Swisher last week.

“I mean, there’s about a third of the House Republican caucus that I am willing to book. I could name them to you if you want.”

“This means no KEVIN MCCARTHY, no STEVE SCALISE, and no ELISE STEFANIK on ‘State of the Union.’ Tapper makes a fair point: If they’re willing to lie about the election, what else are they willing to lie about to his audience?” Politico.

“And if the bookers had come to me and said he was an option, I would have said no, as I have for every Election Liar,” claimed Tapper on Twitter. “I only started explaining to them last month the reasons behind my saying no to every Big Liar. Weird to admit that your boss is an Election Liar but ok.”

Tapper is notorious for pushing the Russia collusion hoax for suppressing Hunter’s influence, and he has a new nickname: The King Of The Truth!

In the 2020 presidential election aftermath, Tapper said there would be consequences for Trump supporters and chastised people who compiled lists of pro-Trump adversaries to keep the backers accountable.

Tapper’s response to the Trump Accountability Project’s efforts was that backlisting those who worked for the Trump admin isn’t in line with “calls for unity and healing we’ve heard from President-elect Biden.”

However, he had to remove all false information about Trump’s supports targeting Biden supporters when everything was revealed to be untrue.

Tapper tried to convince GOP star Sean Parnell not to run in Pennsylvania congressional districts like Pelosi’s crony and Rep. Conor Lamb.

Lamb was defending the seat against Trump’s favorite candidates who spoke about the opening night of the Republican National Convention. Trump endorsed Parnell in May, and he was name-dropped the previous year by Trump to bid for office, and it was before the conservative announced the 2020 run for Congress.

Besides the fact that he’s a constant spreader of fake news, Tapper is a censorship promoter, too.

Last March, on Twitter, he supported the censorship of Dr. Seuss’s books, sharing the racist images from children’s collections.

The Seuss Foundation took off a few titles from the author’s catalog, but Tapper doesn’t think there was some problem for an author’s estate to remove books from print.

No one can stand for the principle of free speech without defending the speech content itself, Tapper said.

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