Fake John Durham Gives Shoutout! It’s Hilarious!

We have previously reported on this, but we’ll explain what it is about for those who don’t know!

The entire situation started seriously, but now it’s hilarious.

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You know that John Durham is very suspicious, as well as his existence.

Those questions about his presence are serious.

Do you know the comedian Erik D. Kirk? He started making parody videos.

Some of you thought that those were real!

But, no! John Durham isn’t making those videos! We would be concerned if someone believed in that.

Erik D. Kirk is making them! Now, when I see those parody videos, those are hilarious!

In the beginning, I was upset, but later, those videos were interesting, and the last ones are hilarious.

With this article, I want to say that Eric pretends to be John Durham, and he’s living in the past. He thinks he is the man that took down Whitey Bulger. Previous Erik called himself a Bulldog, and now he’s ‘’The Punisher.’’

Sadly, this person hasn’t done a single thing in the past three years, and he’s still riding on the coattails of destroying Whitney Bulger.

This man hasn’t done a thing since he becomes appointed Special Prosecutor.

Trump also asked recently: ‘’Is he a real, living-breathing human being? ‘’

I don’t think so, neither does Trump!

However, the parody videos are interesting.

The fake Durham is seen busy drinking scotch, but now he drinks hawking products.

In the last video, he’s drinking Coca-Cola. He is stuck 50 years in the past.

In addition, you will see a couple of Durham’s episodes! I hope that you will laugh as much as I did!

Episode 9, ‘’Smoking Gun.’’

Chapter 8.

Chapter 7.

The real story about Durham’s existence is bizarre. Why doesn’t he have a single video where he speaks something online?

If you open the internet, you will only find only 4-5 images, and that’s it!
One man who has such a successful career, it’s impossible not to exist online.

I’ve read his bio, Wikipedia page, and he took down Whitey Bulger. But yet, I couldn’t find one video.

Please don’t send me links to Google search and Bing videos.

I did it!

If you did a little research, you would see that the videos that appear are the same. Anchors are talking about

Durham, but he has a still image… nothing more.

There isn’t a video!

How can they don’t have a single video where he has a press conference?

We even asked people from the Telegram to see if they can find something, but for nothing. They couldn’t find anything.

Do you know what Trump said about him? ‘’I’ve never met the man, never even talked to him.’’

Hartford Courant reported.

“You have Bull Durham, who is supposed to be the toughest,” Trump said over the telephone during the show. “I’ve never met him. Never spoke to him. But he’s supposed to be the smartest and the best, and he works for Bill Barr, who is a great attorney general. We would maybe have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there originally. You have some people who are great people now – patriotic people. They love our country.’’

Also, The Hill Reported.
“We caught them all,” Trump said. “We’re still waiting for a report from a man named Durham who I’ve never spoken to and never met. They can go after me before the election as much as they want, but unfortunately, Mr. Durham didn’t want to go after these people…before the election, so who knows if he’ll ever even do a report.”

You can commonly see a bank of mics in front of his face, so we could think that he speaks a lot!

Even though many similar, almost identical images exist, there isn’t a single video. He ‘’attended’’ to so many trials, he ran the Whitey Bulger trial, still noting.

We don’t publish conspiracy theories but real journalism.

Maybe the conspiracy facts are wrong, but if you find one video, please let me know.

I want to know if this man exists?

I have videos from YouTube, so don’t send me those.

For example. This isn’t Durham speaking.

Also, this one, it’s an image, and the audio is moving.

The Hill Harford Courant YouTube

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