FACTS: Why The Oprah Interview Backfired On Harry And Markle?

They are biting off their nails seeing the most recent poll results. They sure wish to take back time and use their brains more, instead of playing bold, stubborn, and proud…

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According to the most recent YouGov poll that was just released this Friday, after the notorious exploding Markle – Oprah Interview, the royal couple has fallen way down in integrity and favorability among the population in Great Britain.

And for the first time in history, Prince Harry has a negative score of -3, which means that only 45% of the British population likes him, and a negative of 48% think badly of him.

See how choosing a bad wife can directly inflict your future?!

Meghan’s scores are also in a downward line, with  -27 points, and just before the interview, on the last poll results, she had a number of -14.

But, the real question here is, how didn’t they see it coming?!

Meghan was obviously setting up her husband Harry…

And here are just some more brief facts regarding the Interview and the comeback from the public:

  • most of them think that not only Meghan is lying, but she’s also playing the victim card against the Royals
  • with the accusations, she made Prince Harry look like a bad husband, because, obviously, why didn’t he step in for her at the time?
  • if it’s actually true she was suicidal, this once again states how bad of a husband he truly is, and not to speak about what it means for Meghan – a “future queen” to jeopardize the future life growing inside?!
  • the whole “drama queen” and “victim” situation speaks bad about Meghan – how would she be able to run a nation if she’s an emotionally unstable victim, who couldn’t pick the weight upon her shoulders?

Can you tell us your own personal remarks?


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