Fact-Check Catastrophe: PolitiFact Attacks Marjorie Taylor Green! Consult Dictionary First!!!!

A fact-checking organization is very commonly criticized for its fact-checks’ fairness and credibility.

With its mistake from this week, PolitiFact will attract even harsher criticism.
The biggest disaster happened this week when the fact check said that more than two genders existed, as a response to the sign on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office.

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The sign put on the office door was:
“There are TWO genders: male and female. Trust the science.”

As we already mentioned, the sign was in front of Greene’s office. It comes from Democratic Illinois Rep. Marie Newman’s transgender flag hung up on the door. Their offices are opposite one another, so they can see the signs once they open their doors.

Well, the absolute shame comes with PolitiFact’s tweet. After their “fact-check,” PolitiFact tweeted:
“We checked, and the science is clear: Gender identity goes beyond male and female.”

After reading the sentence, we can see that PolitiFact leans heavily upon semantic, which is not the first time.

Citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the WHO, and experts, PolitiFact keeps that the proper definition of Gender is:
“Gender is a social construct that can be masculine, feminine, a combination of both, or neither.”

Word “Gender”

As we can conclude from the examples, that Gender can be defined in different ways. And for sure, Greene’s sign is among them.

Regarding the Oxford English Dictionary, “gender” refers to males or females as a group. But, the “state of being male or female as expressed by social or cultural distinctions and differences, rather than biological ones.”

The fifth edition of Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Gender is: “either of the two sexual divisions, male or female, into which human beings are divided.”

Regarding all these options of a gender definition, we can state that PolitiFact tried to discredit Greene.

The etymology of “Gender” shows the definition indicated on her sign as” the traditional designation.”

The definition that PolitiFact gave wasn’t present until 1955.

John William Money is the first who introduced us to the concept of “gender role.”
Heralded is the father of gender theory, and William Money is the first that experimented with sex transitioning of prepubescent children.

Money experimented on two twin brothers. Their names are David and Brian Reimer, and Money said that he proved the theory of gender identity. He transitioned David from male to female, and Brian represented the control subject.

During the experiment, both brothers were sexually abused.

David again identified himself as male, and the boys killed themselves in adulthood.

Intersex Individuals Are within a sex binary.

PolitiFact forwarded a scientific argument supporting its point, but it is doubtful.
Many scientists commented, and Wright is one of them.

Wright’s comment

“As a broad concept, males are the sex that produces small gametes (sperm), and females produce large gametes (ova). There are no intermediate gametes, which is why there is no spectrum of sex. Biological sex in humans is a binary system,”

“The existence of only two sexes does not mean sex is never ambiguous. But intersex individuals do not demonstrate that sex is a spectrum. Just because sex may be ambiguous for some does not mean it’s ambiguous (and, as some commentators would extrapolate, arbitrary) for all.”

“For the vast majority of individuals claiming either trans or non-binary identities, their sex is not in question. Primary sex organs, not identity, determine one’s sex,”

Gender is a Male/ Female Binary!

Another argument that PolitiFact offered is that “Scientists say there aren’t only two genders.”

“A person’s gender identity may be masculine, feminine, a combination of both or neither, or it may shift over time.”

In the book “The End of Gender,” its author Soh, wrote:

“Gender is not a spectrum, a continuum, a kaleidoscope, a prism, or any other majestic-sounded metaphor that gender activism has dreamed up.”

“When we think of the average man, he’s probably interested in a variety of things that most guys are into, like playing sports and building things, but maybe he also enjoys watching talk shows and talking on the phone. By the same token, there are plenty of women who like playing video games and competing in sports,” – Soh also wrote.

“Gender is not a continuum or a rainbow or a diverse spectrum. It exists as two discrete categories, female and male, not as two polarities along a shared continuum along which human beings appear with equal likelihood.

“Even if we divorce gender from sex, the vast majority of people fall clearly into one of these two categories, as opposed to being equally spread somewhere between them.” – concluded Soh.

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